CyberLetter #3: CyberConnect on Solana & Updates
January 31st, 2022

Hi there! CyberConnect is a decentralized protocol for constructing blockchain address-based social graphs. We democratize social connections and make social graphs self-sovereign, portable, composable, blockchain-agnostic, and contextually meaningful. If you like what we are building, make sure to play around our site, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror, and follow us on Twitter. If you have any feedback or want to contribute to the community, please use this form to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

Hi guys, welcome to January's second newsletter. The biggest thing for us in January was for sure our launch on Solana. So let’s take the chance to dive in a bit.

Joining the Solana ecosystem is by far the most important strategic move for CyberConnect. We’ve witnessed the incredible development of Solana in the past year, and we believe in the great prospect for Solana as a solid infrastructure of Web3. Powerful for developers. Fast for everyone. Speed, scalability, user-friendliness, industry-leading communication and design language - all essentials for onboarding the next billion Web3 dwellers. We are excited to be a part of this.

As it stands, social and gaming sectors on Solana are still in their infancy, but it’s also the best timing to join forces to co-build and co-define a Web3 Social we wanted. To help make Web3 Social truly composable, portable, self-sovereign, user-friendly and contextually meaningful, CyberConnect takes the initiative to partner with prominent projects from the very early stages.

For example, we’ve partnered with one of the largest NFT marketplaces, Solanart, the recent on hype metaverse, messaging infrastructure Dialect, gaming platform GamePower, and also Grape protocol and Solana Name Service. And we have a lot more under discussion. By working with the best projects on Solana, CyberConnect is well prepared for the future adoption of a truly portable social graph.

CyberConnect Solana Webapp About Page
CyberConnect Solana Webapp About Page

To kick off our launch on Solana, the CyberConnect Solana profile webapp was also launched on Jan 19th. It is the first and only address profile app in the Solana ecosystem. The webapp currently has features such as:

  • Display SNS
  • Verify Twitter handle and auto retrieve your Twitter profile picture
  • Show governance votings on
  • Display NFTs
  • And most importantly, follow other Solana addresses
CyberConnect Solana Webapp Design
CyberConnect Solana Webapp Design

Within just 10 days since its launch, CyberConnect on Solana has garnered 18,369 users and 340,615 connections. This huge momentum will keep getting fueled up as a series of partnership campaigns launch in the coming weeks.

We are super excited about this. In the following months, our team will keep investing our resources in the Solana ecosystem - adding more features to the Solana profile webapp and working with more projects on Solana. We will keep you updated!

For those of you celebrating, have a great Lunar/Chinese New Year! Let’s leap into the year of Tiger!

Should you have any feedback or simply want to talk, please do leave a comment under our Tweet or get in touch via the form here. We’d love to hear back from you!

Please read on for our regular updates from the previous couple of weeks.

Quick bites:


  • 123k users (unique addresses) & 1,748k connections
    • In which, 39,290 have verified their Twitter.
  • 13,216 total members on Discord with 1,638 new members last week
  • 21.7k followers on Twitter, with 4.9k new followers last week
  • 27,720 “Verified Web3 Dwellers” NFTs minted within the first 2 weeks
  • 12,320 “My 2021 Web3 Journey” NFT minted
  • 8,404 “Lets CyberConnect on Solana” NFT minted in the first 3 days

Anything you missed these past two weeks?

  • CyberConnect on Solana
  • #LetsCyberConnect on Solana
  • 1st Community AMA on Twitter
  • #My2021Web3Journey
  • Gitcoin Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon with two tasks and $6000 bounties in total

Things to expect in the next few weeks:

  • Web3 Social Portal and Contribution Scheme
  • Gitcoin SPV Hackathon is still on!
  • Serial expositions on our protocol design
  • Developer Community events

For Developers

At its core, CyberConnect is building a decentralized protocol for constructing blockchain address-based social graphs. As a protocol and true to the defining Web3 ethos of composability and interoperability, we build for developers things that are easy to integrate with and powerful to deploy for a wide range of social functions. The protocol and everything on top of it depend on the collective action our partner developers make with us.

Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon
Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon

Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon

Schelling Point Virtual Hackathon is all about seeking solutions society needs to network people in the spirit of the original promises of democracy, markets, and the internet. Following our successful GR12 hackathon, for SPV we have posted two tasks to invite the brightest and most creative developers to help us build a Social Connection Explorer and a CyberConnected App.

The hackathon will close in about 10 days.

Dev Community Support

If you’re a builder who’s interested in building with us, join our Discord server, head over to the #Developer channel, and introduce yourself!

There will be 24/7 tech support by top developers from CyberConnect's global offices. Join the discussion, talk to us at our regular community calls, and never miss any community initiatives.

We are also working on some starter projects and tutorials. Stay tuned and get in touch if you have any suggestions.

We are also actively looking for some dev evangelists to help us build this strong and vibrant dev community. See more details here Developer Evangelist


#My2021Web3Journey Recap

There was no better way to end the year 2021 other than #My2021Web3Journey. We put into consideration the relative diversity and values of your assets, transaction numbers, connection number on CyberConnect, and assigned you a quick fun role.

13,000 people have joined us and minted their one-of-a-kind NFT to celebrate this remarkable year of 2021.

Let’s CyberConnect on Solana
Let’s CyberConnect on Solana

Let’s CyberConnect on Solana

To celebrate our protocol launch on the Solana network, we introduced a brand new on-chain profile on Solana. Now, users are able to build their portable social connections and take them across some best apps on Solana. To celebrate this, we’re also giving away exclusive NFTs on Solana!

8,404 web3 dwellers have claimed their NFTs. Check out this Twitter post for more info.

CyberConnect’s 1st Community AMA
CyberConnect’s 1st Community AMA

CyberConnect’s 1st Community AMA

We had our first ever Community Call & AMA on Jan 26th on Twitter Space. About 800 people from all over the world have participated. We invited Cole, a DeFi writer at Forbes and our angel investor, to share his perspectives on Web3 Social and CyberConnect. Our co-founder Ryan also joined the talk and shared our updated roadmap. We’ve received a ton of interesting questions from our community and got some answered during the call. For those of you who joined us for the AMA, thank you so much for your support and it really meant a lot to us! There is plenty to come.

Web3 Social Portal Soft Launch

In our previous CyberLetter #2, we mentioned CyberConnect’s 2022 is all about co-defining.
As our first series of learning and contribution initiatives to co-define our community, we soft-launched Web3 Social Portal in our Discord community and now welcome community contributions.

The Portal is the place for everyone interested in learning with us about everything Web3 Social - not at all limited to CyberConnect. Check it out here at

Take some time to explore the Portal and get ready to take some deep dives. There are two main components of the Portal: a Web3 Social project database and a featured collection of curated research and resources about Web3 Social. Even if you're not a native English speaker, we have dedicated areas for Russian, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese communities.

We are now inviting contributions from our community. Come and recommend Web3 Social projects, articles, translations, or simply give suggestions to our portal design. Please use the form here to submit your contribution. We will review all submissions and give due recognition for accepted entries. Please note that malicious and spamming submissions will be rejected and submitting addresses discredited.

Please note that the Portal is still in its internal beta and might undergo big changes. We particularly appreciate your early feedback so we can together build it for the whole community.


dApps that have already integrated with us

Ordered by the integration time


We’re still hiring across the board! Looking for those passionate about Web3 to join our software engineering, business development, community management, and marketing teams.
Come and say hi *here* and co-define what the team is like!

Oh hi! You still here! Thanks for staying with us. If you like what you read, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror and follow us on Twitter. Tempted to hop on? Come and join our vibrant community here. Dive into our developer docs here. Either you want to work with us or not, we'd always love to hear about what you are building. Have any feedback? Please use this form to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

See you down the road!

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