ccProfile Minting Policy Updates - BNB Chain, Free Mint, and Early Adopters

Within the CyberConnect ecosystem, a ccProfile NFT represents an onchain identity and underpins the social graph, interest graph, and all kinds of ownership of assets, social data, and content. Whether it’s an NFT, an ENS name, a Twitter handle, or a DID, we map all of them to one holistic identity - the ccProfile NFT. Developers can integrate the ccProfile NFT into their dApp/protocol to benefit from the existing network of social identities being continuously enriched by all CyberConnect integration products and protocols including Link3.

In practice, a ccProfile NFT is a prerequisite for users to post content, issue endorsements or establish connections. ccProfiles are fundamental to all onchain social interactions.

In light of this importance and our belief that the next iteration of online social should be open, user-centric and at scale, we have worked hard to get the infra ready for mass adoption and now we are opening up the ccProfile minting to everyone.

Here we bring the recent updates on ccProfile minting policy:

ccProfile is Supported on BNB Chain

We’ve opened up ccProfile minting on BNB Chain. Moving forward, users can mint ccProfile on BNB Chain. The cost related to minting will be paid in $BNB. ccProfile minting on Ethereum main net will be paused during the Connected 2023 Hackathon from Feb 7th to March 13th.

Find more information on CyberConnect and the Connected 2023 Hackathon website.

Free Minting During the Connected 2023 Hackathon (for handles with 12 or more characters)

  • During the Connected 2023 Hackathon from Feb 7th to March 13th, ccProfile will be invite-free. So everyone can mint a profile on

  • CyberConnect will cover all minting fees and gas for ccProfile with a handle of 12 characters or more during the Connected 2023 Hackathon. This means that it costs nothing now to claim your profile and get into decentralized social! To prevent bots, we require users to authorize & connect their Twitter accounts to be eligible.

ccProfile Minting on BNB Chain
ccProfile Minting on BNB Chain

ccProfile Early Adopter W3STs (Web3 Status Tokens) for All Existing ETH ccProfile Holders

  • For all existing ccProfile holders, we have airdropped the BNB version of your ccProfile to your wallet, with the same handle as your ccProfile on ETH.

    • BNB Chain ccProfile Contract Address: 0x2723522702093601e6360CAe665518C4f63e9dA6
  • For existing ccProfile holders who registered a profile with a handle with 12 characters or more (now free if you mint a new one), we’ve issued reimbursement for your original profile minting fees (0.01ETH) to your wallet address.

  • We’ve taken a snapshot of all current ETH ccProfile holders at 2023.2.6 10:00 UTC. These holders will receive a special W3ST from CyberConnect.

ccProfile Early Adopter W3ST
ccProfile Early Adopter W3ST

These new policies will lower the bar for users to enter Web3 social to experience and build the vision of better social networking with us. This is our invitation call to everyone. Because users are what social is really about. Head to to start your journey now.

Learn how the most brilliant minds are building with us during the Connected 2023 Hackathon. Users can join as well and there are $60,000 prizes for you. Visit

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About CyberConnect

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol with identity sovereignty for mass adoption and network effects. It enables users to create profiles as the anchor of users’ decentralized identities. With CyberConnect, users own their social graph, content, monetization channels, and social data allowing them to travel across several dApps seamlessly without having to recreate their network on every new platform. As of February 2023, CyberConnect has 123k+ user profiles and 200k monthly active users who have done more than 1M transactions.

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