CyberLetter #18: #Connect2022 End-of-Year Campaign

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps developers bootstrap network effects and build powerful social dApps while returning data ownership back to users.

Through our publicly accessible protocol, we are democratizing social connections and making social graphs self-sovereign, portable, composable, blockchain-agnostic, and contextually meaningful. is a Web3 social network of verifiable identities and a community hub where teams build meaningful relationships with community members. Link3 is proudly built on CyberConnect.

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Happy holidays and seasons greetings everyone! Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year!

We here at CyberConnectHQ are still heads-down bringing you new features for Link3, researching and experimenting with our protocol upgrades, and, you may have seen it, bringing you our biggest ever grand end-of-year celebration campaign #Connect2022!

We are amazed at how much progress we’ve made, last year this time we pretty much have just started, and we are so happy and honored to have you along the way. If you joined our 2022’s last community call and recapped a year of progress with us, you’d be amazed and proud too. We will be sharing more reflections and gratitude in our next issue of CyberLetter in Jan 2023. Let’s, for now, celebrate and take in the festive vibes of our #Connect2022!

🎆 #Connect2022 Our End-of-year Grand Celebration Campaign

#Connect2022 campaign website:
#Connect2022 campaign website:

We kicked off our grand end-of-year celebration, #Connect2022, with our closest leading partners in Web3 and all our core communities. It’s the season of gatherings, recaps, rewards, perks, prizes, and delightful surprises!

The first part of the campaign kicked off on Dec 12 and is a series of online special Twitter/Discord events hosted by our dearest partners with their community to recap the key milestones of 2022 and look into 2023. There will are specially designed W3ST to be claimed after joining. And we will be running huge Link3 profile access whitelisting with our partners along with the events. And participants can collect special event #W3STs to be eligible for a final NFT minting and thus eligible to enter into grand raffles.

We’ve seen overwhelming traffic to the events and - on average ~10k audience in each event. Huge shoutouts to all the community members of CyberConnect, Link3 and our partners, for all the support and love. We are humbled and so grateful to have you all in 2022 and determined to kick off an even better 2023 with everyone.

Link3 Personal Profile access whitelisting campaigns
Link3 Personal Profile access whitelisting campaigns

We’ve already had leading projects such as P12, TreasureDAO, Maverick, Phaver, zkLink, ZetaChain, Zerion, Wombat, Kudasai, Mirror World, etc joined the campaign, hosted a 2022 recap with their community and running massive Link3 whitelisting. We still have a huge week ahead of us, don’t miss out on the events by LearnWeb3DAO, Mask Network, LI.FI, Ancient8, and more. Minting for Grand NFT will start on Dec 26. We will raffle out 1000 Mystery Boxes in January during our finale forum.

Head straight to our campaign website to check out the events and perks yourself, get your hands on Link3 profile access, Grand NFT, and a chance to win a Mystery Box.

We will wrap our #Connect2022 celebration with a one-day online forum. We will have top investors, projects, analysts, and in general, the brightest minds of our industry joining us and sharing critical insights about 2022 and launching us together into 2023. And, we might have a huge surprise special guest for you 👀. Stay tuned.

✍🏼 Link3 on

Link3 was recently featured on Yahoo with an article titled Link3 is the Community-oriented Social Platform to Bring Trust and Meaningful Engagement Back to the Web3 Space. In this piece, Link3 is described as “the nexus point for reliable Web3 identities” and Link3 ”creates real utilities and use cases for communities and users to utilize crypto technology for meaningful social engagement thus paving the way for the mass adoption of this nascent technology.”

The article also highlights the stellar achievement since the launch of Link3 event features: 1800+ events, 810k+ W3STs issued, 900+ verified orgs, and 1.5M+ event participants. Read the full article here and stay tuned for a full 2022 recap in our next new-year edition CyberLetter.

We’re introducing new features to Link3 week after week. Since the launch of our redesigned landing page, people have been loving the new UI and all the little features. Some of the favorites selected by our community.

💼 Verified Org Profile Search

Now you can find and search for every verified org on and see all their events and access their verified profiles. So you know the events and links you are accessing are trustworthy and official. No more fake accounts or hard time finding any projects on Twitter. We bet this is much better than any directories out there.

🧧 My W3ST and Available to Claim

Your place for all collected W3STs and those available to claim, right in your dashboard.

You may be surprised by how many events you may have been to - we remember and record your contribution of time here. You don’t even have to register for the events to be eligible to claim. Check yours now on

♠️ Featured Events Card

A small but popular feature. Now the featured events are presented in a card stack on top of our front page. Flip through them and explore some moments of serendipity.

📊 All-in-one Audience Analytics

Org admins, now you can access an Audience Analytics panel in your dashboard and have comprehensive insights on who your most supportive audiences are, how they have been interacting with your events, and export the list for more advanced data analysis.

This is the hidden gem of Link3 and holds great potential to fulfill our mission of helping orgs build more meaningful connections with their communities.

Link3 Org Audience Analysis
Link3 Org Audience Analysis

Something is brewing deep in our protocol lab and also with our close partners. Stay tuned.

💡 Community Key Numbers:

Hope everyone is having a great time and let’s end the year strong! Besides our grand celebration #Connect2022 with all our community members:

This year has been an exciting journey with you all. Our community has grown from 5k to 87k users on Discord and 10k to 200k+ followers. Without your love and support, we would not have achieved so much this year.

Stay updated about Link3 partnerships and whitelist/mystery box campaigns on Link3 Twitter and CyberConnect Twitter. Something big is brewing and you will want to be ready with your Link3 profile NFTs and mystery boxes.

It’s a great time to be working in Web3. Did you know we’re hiring across the board? We’re calling on mission-driven individuals passionate about Web3 to join our engineering, biz dev, community, and marketing teams. You don’t have to be sophistically versed in Web3 jargon or deeply invested in the crypto space, whether you are from humanities or sciences, it is your passion, drive, and curiosity we’re looking for. Come and say hi and help us redefine the future of social networking on the internet!

..and finally. Thanks for sticking with us. If you like what you read, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror and follow us on CyberConnect Twitter and Link3 Twitter. Tempted to contribute? Join our vibrant community by clicking here or dive into our developer docs here.

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