CyberLetter #5: Community Updates
May 2nd, 2022

Hi there! CyberConnect is a decentralized protocol for constructing blockchain address-based social graphs. We democratize social connections and make social graphs self-sovereign, portable, composable, blockchain-agnostic, and contextually meaningful. If you like what we are building, make sure to play around with our website, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror, and follow us on Twitter.

Wowww! How time has flown by. The past 2 months at CyberConnect have been as action-packed as a Quentin Tarantino movie. We have been heads-down building new features and products, working with more projects, scaling the team, and engaging with our community. Don’t worry - we haven’t forgotten about you, our lovely community members. In fact, everything that we’ve done in the past 2 months has been centered around our community - from treasure hunts to Twitter spaces, to merch drops, to hackathons, to offline events, to podcast features, nothing would’ve been possible without all of you.

Every team at CyberConnect has been churning out amazing new updates, including newly integrated projects, new features, a new dev center, fun community activities, and new hires! Read on to find out more!

Meanwhile, for those of you who missed out on meeting us offline or connecting with us at one of our community events, catch up with us on Twitter! Our DMs are always open. Our co-founder Ryan @ryanli_me, BD Lead Wenyi @weny1_official, Community Lead Roy @PiSofaEth, and Content Lead Yilan @yillan_h.

Should you have any feedback or simply want to talk, please do leave a comment under our Tweets or get in touch via the form here. We’d love to hear from you!

Quick bites:


  • Protocol stats: 152k users (unique addresses) & 3m connections!
  • Integration partners: 23 integrated projects, 12 work in progress, 91 total in pipeline
  • April integration partners: 7 newly integrated projects, 3 new work in progress
  • 6 Twitter spaces over 2 months (bi-weekly going forward)
  • 2 new full-time team members, 3 new part-time team members

Anything you might’ve missed?

  • Community contributed social graph explorer - CyberGraph
  • Solana Leaderboard
  • #ETHAmsterdam, LionHack@Columbia & #GR13 demo day
  • Developer Buildspace Demo Day
  • Twitter spaces, recordings on @cyberconnecthq
  • Our first grant winner - TeaParty!
  • Treasure Hunt on Gather and with Realy Metaverse
  • WL Giveaway with Panda^2 NFT

Things to expect in the next few weeks:

  • Look out for a new product!!!
  • New Developer Center launching soon!!!
  • Bi-weekly Twitter spaces!!!
  • Features of CyberConnect founders on Mint Podcast!!!

Protocol & Product

New Protocol Functions

CyberConnect has seen more functions developed over the last two months:

  • Launched new Social Data Network APIs, including NFT related indexed data - NFT ownership and recommendation (”who owns this NFT and what is their Twitter profile”),
  • Launched social verifier SDK (quick verification plugin) for Twitter and Github.
  • Working on social profile API for quick ENS name and avatar fetching.



Built upon the stellar community efforts from the hackathons, CyberGraph is a user-centric 3D social graph explorer. Visualized and denoted, this is the tool we’ve all been waiting for and now you can start the wandering in and discovering this truly connected network!

CyberGraph has features including a 3D node graph, a dynamic loading bar, a Cyber mode (10-hops friendship network display), and a Focus mode (aggregated connection display). You can also search by addresses and explore its corresponding CyberConnect connections status, follow/unfollow address, and social links by their ens or wallet address.

We are also making this project open-sourced and community contributed. Everybody, including developers and designers or even grannies, is welcome to contribute your code, design, or simply just ideas for making this project better. Please feel free to check out the Github repo and send your pull request:, you can also talk to our devs in the discord developer channel! Let’s BUIDL!

Solana Leaderboard

We teamed up with Bonfida and created the first social leaderboard for the Solana ecosystem.

Explore Solana Name Service Leaderboard at and check out the most followed Twitter accounts with .sol domains or have their Twitter handle registered

Dev Community


We now have in total 62 teams (72 participants), finished 39 projects! Wow! And we gave out $17.5k USDC to 22 winners. What’s even better? Two developers who got to know us through our previous hackathons just joined our team!

  • #ETHAmsterdam
  • LionHack@Columbia
  • For the full report & recording of our #GR13 demo day

For the upcoming months, we’ve got plans for another hackathon (details coming soon) and multiple developer-oriented events. Stay tuned!

Developer Events - Buildspace Demo Day

Our booth at Buildspace Demo Day
Our booth at Buildspace Demo Day

Buildspace's Demo Day was so much fun! It was a great event where we presented to the community what CyberConnect is building. We met lots of awesome people who were curious about us.


We couldn’t possibly complete our journey without working with amazing early-stage projects, and that’s why we’re introducing our first CyberConnect grant winner TeaParty, a Social-&-Earn (S&E) protocol in Web3, where everyone can come, socialize and earn revenue together. This platform empowers any creators, writers, musicians, literally anyone to get their content & creation discoverable.

The party gets even more exciting here when TeaParty is powered up with CyberConnect in the social space by providing deep and valuable insights to our users and making sense of the complex social graph that is going on the TeaParty platform. All these will be made possible through the collaboration between TeaParty and CyberConnect with interoperable connections such as:

  • users' activity and their interest in which posts they engaged on the TeaParty site
  • users' subscribed topics/category

If you would like to know more about TeaParty, make sure you check out their website and join their community on Discord.

Community Calls

We have continued to hold bi-weekly developer community calls in which we feature dev-focused content and hackathon submission presentations, which have inspired lots of participation and have been an incubator for new ideas.

Come join the discussion!


What Happened

  • Treasure Hunt on Gather: To celebrate our brand new website, we concluded our first community treasure hunt on Gather 4 weeks ago! If you were there, you know it was fun, wasn’t it? If you like “escape room” themed events, make sure to let us know on Twitter or Discord! We had over 700 members who joined us and earned the exclusive OAT badge provided by Project Galaxy.
  • Cross Trivia & Quiz: This was our first time trying both cross trivia and quiz! It was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know more about CyberConnect. There were some issues with bots control for the cross trivia, but we will always make sure to only have top-quality events in our community.
  • Treasure Hunt with Realy Metaverse: To celebrate the upcoming public launch of KOOOLA City, we had a specially designed treasure hunt on our Solana social profile app that we offered 10 Avatar NFTs and 100 $REAL as rewards to both communities!
  • WL Giveaway with Panda^2 NFT: Our long-time partner Particle Network introduced their first-ever pfp NFT collection. We had a Twitter campaign to give 5 WL spots to our community. There will be more integrations and collaborations between us! Stay tuned for more updates!

What to Expect Next

  • Merch Shop: Expect a soft opening announcement this week! We have released some sneak peek on Twitter and we know y’all are loving those. Just imagine how cool would it be to see people wearing those CyberConnect apparel all over the world! We will be having a series of events coming to celebrate our merch shop. You don’t want to miss them out!
  • New Roles in Discord: We haven’t introduced any new roles to our community for a while. We’re planning something super cool here. There will be a couple of new roles coming this week. We may do a “naming idea” contest for those roles.
  • Community Management Master Class: Getting started in web3 isn’t easy at all, especially if you’re trying to land your first job in web3. We’re here to help. We have so many experienced community managers and core contributors who are willing to help you get started. This program is expected to start next week! Stay tuned!


The CyberConnect family is growing! Here’s what we’ve done on a high level in the past month:

  • Total of 23 integrated projects, 12 work in progress, 91 total in pipeline
  • From April, 7 newly integrated projects, 3 new work in progress
  • Weekly Twitter spaces and bi-weekly developer community calls to feature partner projects, team stories, hackathon submissions, and to encourage community discussions
  • Hackathon partnerships with Gitcoin, EthGlobal, Dora Hacks
  • Sponsorships with conferences (at least 1 per month), university clubs, hackathons

We have successfully integrated a total of 23 projects to date, 7 of which came specifically from this April. Our most recent integrations include projects such as Light, Reveal, Endemic, Metaforo, WhoKnows, OurSpace, NFT ID, and NFT Scan. At the moment, we have 12 projects in the work in progress stage, 3 of which were added in April, and will be ramping up the number of projects in our pipeline with the addition of our newest business development manager, Austin.

The weekly twitter spaces we hold with our partners have seen increased traction with our Twitter followers, and we very much look forward to shedding more light on the potential of CyberConnect and the beauty of our community with our followers. The partnerships we hold with ETHGlobal, Gitcoin, DORA Hacks, and various universities have ensured our continued presence in the developer and student community, and will continue to inspire more projects in our ecosystem.

Lastly, we have ramped up our effort toward having a large presence at conferences around the world in order to establish more offline presence. This year, we have plans to attend Permissionless, Consensus, NFT NYC, the European Blockchain Convention, Blockchain Futurist Conference, and Token2049. At these events, we are going to employ a combination of booths, hackathons, and afterparties to connect with projects and developers.

As always, we’d love to hear from you! If you know of projects that could use CyberConnect’s help in building their social layer, we’d greatly appreciate an intro. Talk to you soon :)


We at the HQ have welcomed so many more talents on board recently and we are more than excited to share the journey together. But, truth be told, it is challenging as it is exciting to work with a rapidly expanding and truly distributed team all across the globe. Managing several drastically different time zones, collaborating across functions, trying to stay connected and avoid isolating individuals while keeping things clean and efficient, standardizing processes while nurturing openness and authenticity - just to name a few challenges on the way to the efficient and fulfilling teamwork in the long run.

We are actively looking to improve on all these and build the team up from early on. Our first initiative - a Notion workspace revamp and tutorials. We rebuilt our Notion to make teams work more efficiently in dedicated and customized workspaces while staying connected using backend cross-functional databases. We also built it to be a single source of truth and an associatively connected knowledge base that keeps evolving. Our design also includes a place where people can freely chip in their ideas about the team and project and never fear being too unprepared. We believe all these could help greatly with our async collaboration and documentation. And we are looking to share our experience with fellow projects and migrate that to help our collab with different partners. Look out for more sharing on this!

And we’re still hiring across the board! We’re actively looking for mission-driven folks with a deep passion and curiosity for Web3 who can join our software engineering, business development, community management, content and marketing teams.

Come and say hi here. Tell us why you’d be a good fit!

Oh hi! You’re still here! Thanks for staying with us. If you like what you read, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror, and follow us on Twitter. Wanna become a member of the community? Come and join our vibrant community here. Dive into our developer docs here. Either you want to work with us or not, we're always happy to hear about what you are building.

See you soon!

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