CyberLetter #16: Recommendation Engine, Link3 Panels, and Features Updates

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps developers bootstrap network effects and build powerful social dApps while returning data ownership back to users.

Through our publicly accessible protocol, we are democratizing social connections and making social graphs self-sovereign, portable, composable, blockchain-agnostic, and contextually meaningful. is a Web3 social network of verifiable identities and a community hub where teams build meaningful relationships with community members. Link3 is proudly built on CyberConnect.

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🙌 We’ve launched our Link3 Panels

The Web3 & crypto world is fast & sometimes really noisy. Among all the “hot takes and petty polemics”, we save this space for thoughtful dialogues between voices of diverse backgrounds.

The truth is not in us, it lies out there in the interplays of ideas and words. And also the future we want is usually more complicated than just a tweet, or maybe for that matter, a threat of tweets.

The panel series will have leaders from within and outside of the industry, coming from different diverse backgrounds, to have thoughtful dialogues on relevant Web3 topics. The topics may be trendy and timely, but we hope the conversations around them can echo long and far.

We’ve had two great episodes with engaging conversations and full of quotable insights. Ep.1 was on NFT Mass Adoption and Opportunities with Hashflow, TreasureDAO, LuckyDucky & TheNFTease. See the highlighted transcript and recordings here. For Ep.2 on NFT Marketplaces with MOOAR, LiveArt, and Jameskwho, see here. And stay tuned for more recaps and highlight content.

Join us for our Ep.3 in two weeks’ time. And don’t forget to claim your special serial card W3ST if you have joined the sessions live.

🖥️ CyberConnect NFT Recommendation Engine

Web3 is having a big discovery problem. The recommendation engine is our first step in helping both developers & users in discovering new ERC-721/1155 projects of their interest based on their on-chain activity and that are more meaningfully connected to their identity and values.

This will be the backbone of personalized and relevant social experiences on the decentralized web. Stay tuned for more news and use cases on this.

Read the full intro and tutorial on Hashnode here.

📈  Link3: Key Stats

It’s been two months since we launched Link3 Event Planner. Since the feature's launch in mid-Sep, we’ve had 200+ organizations host 800+ events on Link3.

To not miss out on the events that we particularly curate and recommend, check out the Link3 Explore page and you can follow our Twitter for our weekly What’s Up in Web3 series. Previous issues are here & here.

If your team or project would like to try Link3 to supercharge your community engagement and growth, reach out to us here.

🤩  New Features

We’re introducing new features to Link3 week after week. Some of the most recent updates include:

  • Upgraded event analytics

    Now organizers can switch panels and see each category of participants to the event and directly view their Link3 profile, Twitter, Discord handle, and connected wallet address. You can also export the lists for offline use or further analytics. This is a step we make to help you better understand, engage with and further grow your community. Lots of potential here. You can visit the analytics via My Events - View Analytics or Edit Event - Insights.

  • Event Recaps

    Events recaps are not available on the event pages and we are featuring the best quality recaps on the explore page. Stay in the loop on the go and make the best out of online events.

  • Upgraded Event Explore page - filter events and see past events

    We dropped another highly requested feature from the users - a new explore page with filters + past events with recaps. It has never been easier to discover trendy events to your liking and catch up on important past actions.

  • See what NFT collection holdings are there among the event registrants

    More functionalities are to be released on how to help organizations and users to grow a meaningful social network out of the events.

📚  What’s Up in Web3

Every week, we compile a list of the top most exciting events happening in Web3. In the past two weeks, we featured events from a wide range of projects covering diverse topics. As we have more projects and events joining Link3, the curation is only getting better. You don’t want to miss out on the best actions in Web3.

Follow Link3 on Twitter to stay in the loop for future updates!

💡 Community Key Numbers:

☎️  Community Call

More than 2500 community members tuned in for our bi-weekly CyberConnect Community Call this Friday at 8 AM PST for updates on Link3 and CyberConnect, as well as more on community initiatives. We will post a detailed recap in case you missed it.

🤝 Community Campaigns

💪🏽  New partners
We’re thrilled to welcome the following projects to Link3, check out their all-in-one profiles:

Stay updated about Link3 partnerships and whitelist/mystery box campaigns on Link3 Twitter.

It’s a great time to be working in Web3. Did you know we’re hiring across the board? We’re calling on mission-driven individuals passionate about web3 to join our engineering, biz dev, community, and marketing teams. You don’t have to be sophistically versed in Web3 jargon or deeply invested in the crypto space, whether you are from humanities or sciences, it is the passion, drive, and vibe we are checking. Come and say hi *here* and help us redefine the future of social networking on the internet!

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