CyberLetter #1: Season's Greetings and End of Year Recap
CyberLetter #1
CyberLetter #1

Hi there! CyberConnect is a decentralized protocol for constructing blockchain address-based social graphs. We democratize social connections and make social graphs self-sovereign, portable, composable, blockchain-agnostic, and contextually meaningful. If you like what we are building, make sure to play around our site, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror, and follow us on Twitter.

Merry Christmas from the HQ, people!

It's that time of the year again: chilly wind and mulled wine, sparkling lights and wool socks, letters and songs, and we turn heart and soul to the dearest ones in life. Well, tbh it never feels like winter here at the HQ - the hustle never stops, and things move fast.

But we just would like to take the chance, and pause for a bit, to reflect on how far we've come together, with you, our fellow dwellers, builders, partners, and backers. And we decided to start sharing with you, on a biweekly basis, our results, sparks of ideas, conversations in the loop, and all the community initiatives you could be part of.

This is our first entry.

We've covered great distances since summer!

  • We launched the world's first decentralized social graph protocol, effectively creating a universal data layer for any dApp to plug in social functions. Check out the webapp.
  • We welcomed 57,000 Web3 dwellers onto our self-sovereign social graph network, making more than 530,000 portable connections. The protocol has got 7M API calls. All within less than a month since initial launch.
  • We now have a vibrant community: 5,554 “Web3 Dwellers” in our Discord community and 10.7k followers on Twitter, all with organic growth. Pretty incredible given how early we still are. Numerous community events were launched, and we’re about to kick off many more to celebrate the milestones with our community.
  • We partnered with great projects at the core of Web3: zkLink, Treasureland, TheConvoSpace, POAP, Unlock, Project Galaxy, Roci Finance, Huddln, with plenty more cool ones in the pipeline.
  • We closed our seed round funding of $10M, backed by an incredible group of crypto visionaries, Web3 native investors, and fellow founders. Link
  • We grew our team to a focused and mighty 20, distributed all across the globe and concerted by a shared vision for a user-centric Web3, and we are still actively looking for great minds to join us.

We are really proud of how far we’ve come and can't stop marveling at the energy and synergy from our extended CyberConnect family. We are grateful for that. And now, we are more than ready, indeed hyped, to get back to work and build with our partners to deliver truly Web3 social experiences.

This is the daybreak for Web3. We are just setting off.

Old walls receding, wind in the sail, great horizon awaits.

It’s our greatest privilege to have you on the journey.

Below are the updates from recent weeks just in case you missed anything. And before we forget, have a great holiday and a happy new year! See you in 2022 & beyond!

Quick bites:


  • 9,116 NFTs minted on @ProjectGalaxyHQ
  • 57k users (unique addresses) & 530k connections
  • 5,554 members in Discord and 10.7k followers on Twitter
  • 11 KOLs & partners already featured on Twitter for our #LetsCyberConnect campaign

Product Features Added these past two weeks:

  • Twitter verification button
  • POAPs & Galaxy Credentials on the profile page
  • Comment powered by Convo Space
  • Hardware wallets compatibility
  • Mirror blog
  • NFT display
  • New Plaza page with #LetsCyberConnect leaderboard
  • Featured people list
  • Unfollow function
  • ENS avatar optimized

Things to expect in the next two weeks:

  • Emoji ENS name support
  • An easy way to know who's following you back
  • "8k Resident" or "10K Resident" Community Event

Product Updates

Some cool new features we added to CyberConnect

Profile Page
Profile Page
  • POAP: We've added POAP collections to the profile page. There's a drop-down list of all your POAPs with detailed descriptions and dates claimed.
  • Hardware wallet support: A lot of you use hardware wallets on a daily basis, and we now fully support hardware wallets via Metamask on CyberConnect webapp. If you have any questions regarding this, please shoot me a DM.
  • Galaxy Credentials: Check out your Galaxy credentials on your profile page and show off those OG badges you own!
  • A little bonus: if you have set up your ENS avatar, hover on your profile picture to check what's happening!

CyberChat 0.2.0-alpha released on Dec13


Based on the connection data on CyberConnect, CyberChat is a messaging product we build for Ethereum addresses. Demanded by our community, this is the first and high utility social app built upon our protocol.

  • Updates
    • New landing page
    • New Servers and Channels look
    • New DM look
    • New friend list & profile page look
    • New settings look


At the core of Web3, it is all about community - it’s the shared vision and passion that kept all of us going. Here at CyberConnect, within a couple of months, we’ve already gathered a huge group of like-minded Web3 dwellers and builders. We want to make sure that everyone has ample chances to know what we are building, talk to us, participate, and, learn with us as we also keep learning along the journey.

EtherLoop: the first community-empowered dApp built on CyberConnect!

Users who connect their wallets with Etherloop for the first time are able to see all their existing connections and check out what's going on with their friends. EtherLoop allows users to build connections and keep track of all your digital assets and collectables.

A thread:

GR12 Hackathon

GR12 Hackathon
GR12 Hackathon

We distributed over $8,500 to developers who have participated in our hackathon. We will give all participants POAPs and a special “hammer man” role in our Discord Community


We’ve officially partnered with 5 projects that are working on things we’re very excited about. (Hint: very Web3). And many more collaboration discussions are in the works. Come say hi if you are or know of anyone building something that could add a social component. The more the merrier!

Recently Announced Partnership


We’re hiring across the board! Looking for those passionate about Web3 to join our software engineering, business development, community management and marketing teams.
Come and say hi here!

Oh hi! You are still here! Thanks for staying with us. If you like what you read, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror and follow us on Twitter. Tempted to hop on? Come and join our vibrant community here. Dive into our developer docs here. Whether you want to work with us or not, we'd always love to hear about what you are building.

See you down the road!

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