CyberLetter #8: Bi-Weekly Community Updates
July 6th, 2022

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps developers bootstrap network effects and build powerful social dApps while returning data ownership back to users.

Through our publicly accessible protocol, we are democratizing social connections and making social graphs self-sovereign, portable, composable, blockchain-agnostic, and contextually meaningful.

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At a Glance.

Total Users = 1.48 Million

Total Connections = 21.5 Million

Link3 Projects = 100+

Major Milestones

Cyber Grants Applications are Now Open 🎊

As part of our commitment to promoting the Web3 social ecosystem, we are thrilled to announce Cyber Grants, an inclusive developer grants program focused on funding development and research efforts building on the CyberConnect social graph. Interested applicants may apply here.

CyberConnect Explorer is now Live 🚀

The wait is over. CyberConnect Explorer is a social connection explorer and analytics platform for our decentralized social graph protocol. We built it for users to explore the CyberConnect social graph for connections, addresses, and namespaces so that users can have meaningful insights into social data.


We’re looking for a Full Stack Engineer (Bay Area) 👩🏼‍💻

Join our small, fiery team on our mission to change the future of social networking on the internet. Submit your application here. BTW, if you can't join but can refer someone, the referral bonus is 5000 USDC. 😈

Also hiring a Social Media Wizard 🪄

Our ecosystem is growing! With powerful new products, promising partners, and a thriving community, we are uniquely positioned to change the future of social networking on the internet. Now is the time to tell our story and that of our partners and community members. If you are a social media expert or know someone who could be a good fit, we are accepting applications here.

New Team Member 💪🏽

Stanford’s Songqi (Steven) Pu is joining us as an intern on the engineering team this summer. We’re thrilled about his passion and curiosity for the blockchain space and are rooting for him!


  • v0.6 and v0.7 of the CyberConnect Developer Center were deployed on June 17th and July 1st respectively. With these updates, the Dev Center now covers several new sections:
    • Simplified Chinese Version

      We’ve now incorporated a simplified Chinese translation of the Dev Center. In the future, we’ll aim to make our Dev Center accessible to a larger international audience.

    • Scaffold-ETH-CyberConnect Tutorial

      We’ve added a tutorial for our Scaffold-ETH-CyberConnect Starter Kit in the Dev Center so that developers can easily integrate with CyberConnect SDKs and APIs using Scaffold-ETH, a collection of common Ethereum dev tools.

    • ‘Get Started’ Demo for Querying Notifications

      You can now make a call to CyberConnect’s Identity API to query your users’ latest updates (new followers, followings, friends, etc.). Visit the developer center to check out an example!

What’s Next?

  • Curious about how to enable your users to form bidirectional connections? What are some potential use cases? We’ll soon release a ‘Get Started’ demo to ease your integration procedure. Stay tuned!

  • We’re curating a partnership showcase to allow prospective developers to explore how projects in the CyberConnect eco-system currently integrate with our APIs and SDKs.


  • We hosted a community call on June 24th with over 5,300 attendees on Discord. During the community call, we shared our recent updates and answered some questions from the community. For members who attended the call and filled out the form, we have prepared them with special Community Call OATs.

  • As our community grows, we need to adapt faster and develop more efficient organizational systems. Therefore, we’ve been working towards reorganizing our Discord channels as well as adopting new community management tools. Some of these are:

    • Community Role Promotions
      • Since the launch of our community roles, we’re seeing more active contributions from the members. Our Doormen/Mail-Boy team has grown to more than 50 members. On the other hand, we’ve spotted and promoted tons of Designers and Content Creators in our community through the sticker/emoji and writing contests.
      • Huge shout-out to the newly promoted contributors! We appreciate your time and effort to engage with us. 💪🏽
    • Dework Community Workspace
      • We’ve built a decentralized task board to help us keep track of the contributions within our community. The task board on Dework is only available to Doormen and Mail Boys currently, but we expect to gradually enable general members as this workflow matures.
  • With over 43,000 members in our Discord family and over 70,000 followers on Twitter, the CyberConnect family is growing faster than ever. If you haven’t already, you can join our discord here or follow us on Twitter.

Wrapping Up

It’s a great time to be working in Web3. Did you know we’re hiring across the board? We’re calling on mission-driven individuals passionate about web3 to join our engineering, biz dev, community, and marketing teams. Come and say hi here and help us redefine the future of social networking on the internet!

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