Introducing the Project Leaderboard and Voting at Connected 2023

Web3 Social is going to look different in 3 weeks, as a wave of new, innovative projects emerge from Connected 2023, a Web3 social hackathon by BNB Chain & CyberConnect. Since we announced Connected 2023 two weeks ago, we have received applications from over 100 teams proposing an extraordinary variety of Web3 social ideas.

Now that the applications are closed and hackers get their heads down building, it is time for you, the users to have a say in the future of Web3 social. Get involved by voting for your favorite projects, showcase your support, and get a chance to win Mystery Boxes. 200 Mystery Boxes will be available, worth a total of $50,000 - $100,000.

Have any questions about the hackathon rules and logistics? Check out the kickoff event recording or join the hackathon discord server.

The Leaderboard is Live Now

Check out the participating project leaderboard at

Explore and learn more about the projects by clicking on the card. This will guide you to the project’s official and verified Link3 profile. Give them a follow and stay updated about their product progress.

Are you a hacker at Connected 2023 but don’t see your project on the leaderboard? Reach out to us here.

Vote to Win One of 200 Mystery Boxes

Web3 social is built for users. Now it’s time for every user to participate and define the future of social!

We have prepared 200 Link3 Mystery Boxes, worth a total of $50,000 - $100,000, to reward those who vote for the winning projects.

Winning projects are projects who win at least one bounty from the hackathon and the results will be announced on March 13 our demo day. There are 23 bounties in total and at least 13 winning projects. For more details on bounties, please see our Hackathon Guidelines.

Note that the number of votes received by projects is only one factor to be considered for judges’ evaluation, in addition to other criteria such as Functionality, Novelty, Impact, and Business Plan. So the leaderboard ranking is not the hackathon result.

How the raffle works

  • Every ccProfile holder can vote once per day.

  • Voting will end on March 12 at 11:59 PM UTC

  • Each vote is a W3ST (Web3 Status Token, pronounced as West) and can be showcased on your Link3 profile!

  • One vote for a winning project counts as one entry into the raffle.

  • On March 13, hackathon prizes will be announced and projects winning at least one bounty are winning projects.

  • Each address can only win one Mystery Box. If one of your votes wins a mystery box, all your other votes will stand null and void.

  • You only need to share the poster on Twitter and save the link once.

Only votes for winning projects will enter the raffle. The raffle will take place over two rounds:

Raffle Round #1

  • All winning projects will each be allocated 5 Mystery Boxes for mini raffles.

  • For every winning project, votes cast for that project will enter a mini raffle for a chance to win the 5 Mystery Boxes allocated.

  • There will be at most 23 winning teams from the 23 prizes. So there will be at most 115 Mystery Boxes will be up for grabs in this first round of the raffle.

Raffle Round #2

  • All the votes that did not win in the first round, will be entered into a second and final round of the raffle.

  • There will be at least 85 remaining Mystery Boxes up for grabs by lucky winners.

The rules in one sentence:

Vote every day and DYOR to vote for projects with fewer votes but high winning chances.

Here’s an example for those who want to get to the bottom of things:

  • Alice votes 15 times on Project A and 5 times on Project B. Bob votes 20 times on Project C.

  • When results are announced on 3/13, Project A, C, and another 15 projects each win at least one bounty while Project B doesn’t win anything. Project A has 500 votes in total, Project B has 1,000 votes, Project C has 10,000 votes, and the other 15 winning projects have 20,000 votes in total.
    So there are 17 winning projects (no Project B) and 30,500 (500 + 10,000 + 20,000) votes entering the raffle.

  • Raffle Round #1 will distribute 85 (17 x 5) Mystery Boxes and Raffle Round #2 will distribute 115 (200-85) Mystery Boxes

  • In Raffle Round #1, 500 votes for Project A will enter the raffle to win 5 Mystery Boxes allocated for Project A and 10,000 votes for Project C will enter the raffle to win 5 Mystery Boxes allocated for Project C. The other 15 winning projects each will have a mini raffle for 5 Mystery Boxes.
    In Raffle Round #1, Alice will have 15 votes out of 500 votes to win one of the 5 Mystery Boxes and Bob will have 20 votes out of 10,000 votes to win one of 5 Mystery Boxes.

  • If Alice wins a Mystery Box from Raffle Round #1, she will not enter Raffle Round #2.

  • If Bob doesn’t win a Mystery Box from Raffle Round #1, his 20 votes will enter Raffle Round #2 for a chance to win one of 115 Mystery Boxes. For Raffle Round #2, in total there will be 30,500 votes minus votes by those who win a Mystery Box in Raffle Round #1.

Detailed 3 steps to vote and join the raffle

Head to and follow three steps:

  • Mint your ccProfile

    Minting is FREE during the hackathon. No invitation code is needed. Minting cost and gas fee are covered by CyberConnect for handles with 12 or more characters.
    A ccProfile is your decentralized identity and universal account in the CyberConnect ecosystem. Start exploring the new social now!

  • Upvote your favorite projects

    Voting for Connected 2023 hackathon projects is on-chain and verifiable and every vote will be represented as a W3ST (Web3 Status Token). Click Upvote and confirm the transaction. You cannot revoke your vote once confirmed.
    For every successful vote, a special W3ST will be sent to you as a vote badge. You can showcase that on your Link3 profile (Coming soon).
    There’s only one vote per ccProfile holder per day. The vote quota refreshes every day at 00:00 UTC.And again, only votes for any of the winning projects will count as entries to the Mystery Box raffle. So choose your project mindfully.

  • Share the poster and invite people for support

    There will be a poster generated automatically for you to showcase your support for your favorite project. The poster highlights your ccProfile and shows how early you are in supporting the project. Click on the poster to copy it, click Share on Twitter, paste your poster, and share it with your network!
    Take your Tweet link back to the voting page and save it.

Then you are all set! You should see a message confirming that you’ve finished the tasks and your votes for any winning projects will be counted as raffle tickets.

Come back every day after 00:00 UTC to cast your daily vote to maximize your winning chances! You don’t have to share the poster every day.

Voting starts at 02:00 UTC, Feb 23 and closes at 23:59 UTC, Mar 12

We will be announcing the winning projects on the demo day and running the raffle soon after.

Stay tuned for the leaderboard and project updates on CyberConnect Twitter. Join our Discord & Telegram to not miss out on any news.

Head to and start voting. The future of Web3 Social is getting built with your vote.

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About Connected 2023

Connected 2023 is a Web3 social hackathon by decentralized social graph protocol CyberConnect in partnership with BNB Chain, the world’s largest smart contract blockchain in terms of daily active users. With over $50,000 in prizes, seed funding, and mentorship, Connected 2023 will run from Feb 7 - March 13 and is open to hackers around the globe. Interested hackers and teams can learn more about the hackathon or apply here:

About CyberConnect

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol with identity sovereignty for mass adoption and network effects. It enables users to create profiles as the anchor of users’ decentralized identities. With CyberConnect, users own their social graph, content, monetization channels, and social data allowing them to travel across several dApps seamlessly without having to recreate their network on every new platform. As of February 2023, CyberConnect has 123k+ user profiles and 200k monthly active users who have done more than 1M transactions.

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