Introducing Link3 Event Planner

An open decentralized society isn’t built overnight. For all the grand schemes of community visions, it starts with every little piece of humble yet vital participation in community discussions, votes, AMAs, campaigns, and hackathons. And by spending your time and effort, your most valuable and naturally scarce proof of work, you are also constantly contributing to a collective existence, while sculpting your identity. “I was here”, that’s part of you carved in time and that should be properly recognized.

We are beyond excited to introduce Link3 Event Planner, a powerful toolkit designed to enable teams to connect to their top community members with Web3-native events, as the first pilot use case for W3ST (Web3 Status Token), CyberConnect’s token standards designed to carry the significance of status and to construct the layer of trust and verifiable identities from the bottom up. (More details to follow with protocol upgrades.)

With Link3 events, users can now easily join the top events in Web3, as they own and sculpt their verifiable identities through community participation. Projects and teams can now streamline and improve their events organization, analysis, and reward issuance to enhance community engagement in Web3-native ways.

Participate, Get Recognized, and Build your Network

For Users

Find the best events in Web3 and get in on the action

Ever felt overwhelmed by the rapid development on Web3? Struggling to keep up-to-date on all the new initiatives in your Web3 community? Following loads of Twitter accounts and buzzed by endless Discord announcements, but still not meaningfully participating in any? Decentralized doesn’t have to mean scattered and fragmented.

Now you can explore the top Web3 events in one place with Link3. Sign up, find your favorite in the Explore Events feed, and get in on the action. Top projects like Binance, Galxe, Snapshot, and Zerion are already on Link3 and will be hosting exciting events. Follow your favorite organizations so you don’t miss out on future events and explore featured events favored by your fellow Web3 frens. You can easily manage all these on your Link3 personal dashboard. It is effortless to sign up - one-click RSVP and add-to-calendar. The rest remains as smooth as your usual Twitter/Discord sessions.

Get recognized, rewarded, and more

Once you meet the minimum requirements set by event organizers, such as attending time, you will be automatically granted a token of appreciation to duly recognize your time and effort. The token will be a W3ST (Web3 Status Token) issued by organizers specifically to your address and free to collect with one click. As general status tokens, W3STs could cover your endorsements, roles, credentials, and in this case, proof of participation. W3STs will become a key part of your verifiable relational identity and stay with you even if you venture into other platforms. By simple acts of participation, you actively cultivate an identity that is verifiably trustworthy. Expect projects to build upon this for more advanced role systems, cross-platform credential networks, or gated privileges.

With Link3, it will be much easier for organizers to set up raffles and automate giveaways as well. So expect to receive much more perks through events simply by joining the action and completing event tasks.

From events to networks

We hope Link3 Event Planner will empower you to build a Web3-native network that is truly meaningful, to you. Grow important relationships from the time spent together in this same slice of cyberspace - how authentic is that? Check out who’s also going to the event and explore how people and organizations are related. Go on to efficiently reach the right people and build a uniquely meaningful network from there. Follow individuals and organizations on Link3 to stay connected and updated with all the moves, and open up great potential for future collaborations.

Get in on the action now!

Link3 Event Planner is now live! Head over to your dashboard to explore the top events and get in on the hottest Web3 actions!

We also have an inaugural official Link3 Event community call tomorrow at 8 am PST, Sep 16, link here. Save it, join us and get one of the first-ever W3STs.

And of course, follow us on Twitter, and join our Discord, so you don’t miss out on all the coming featured partnerships, giveaways, Link3 campaigns, and curated best events updates.

Read on for more Link3 event management features for projects so you understand how you can better participate and contribute to the communities!

Take your events to the next level with effortless management

For Projects

Link3 Event Planner enhances and simplifies all your Web3 native event planning processes. Now, setting up your events and campaigns on Link3 takes less than 5 minutes. Link3 is your one-stop toolkit for autogenerating event posters, automating giveaways, monitoring participation, issuing rule-based tokens, and powerful analytics. Here’s a quick overview:

Autogenerated and Customizable Event Posters

Posters too often become the primary time consumption in event organizing. But it shouldn’t - ultimately it’s the actual events and people that matter. Link3 auto-generates visually striking, customized posters and badges for your event, all based on your event info and aesthetic choices. Link3 will also process the posters for easy sharing on social media platforms.

Link3’s auto-generated posters based on templates and event info
Link3’s auto-generated posters based on templates and event info

W3ST Token Design and Issuance

W3STs are status tokens that can serve as endorsements, proof of participation, community roles & credentials, among many things. Each W3ST is a non-transferable, ERC-721 token that you can issue to eligible participants. Level up your same old Twitter spaces to proper Web3 campaigns with W3STs. Start building a verifiable system of community engagement with zero hassle.

You can come up with your W3ST design in just a few clicks and customize your W3ST claim requirements. Set a minimum participation requirement (such as attendance time, auto-monitored by Link3 event bots on Twitter and Discord), or add additional criteria such as KYC verification or following your Link3 profile. Set these up and you are done, Link3 takes care of the rest, even the minting fees (currently on BNB Chain).

Link3’s automatically generated badges with edit options
Link3’s automatically generated badges with edit options

Discord & Twitter Monitoring Module

Link3 automatically monitors key metrics about your audience in your Discord Server or Twitter Space. For example, Link3 collates key listener data and average stay time. For Discord you can see community roles; for Twitter, you can view followers lists.

Examples of pulled Discord and Twitter profiles of participants in a completed event
Examples of pulled Discord and Twitter profiles of participants in a completed event

Built-in Raffle Module to Boost Traffic and Engagement (Coming Soon)

An unwritten rule in the Web3 community - free stuff is the best kind of stuff. Link3’s Raffle is an add-on feature to gather more traffic and incentivize better engagement. The idea is simple: you determine a reward and rules of eligibility, and Link3 takes care of the rest - winners are randomly selected and prizes are automatically distributed. USDT raffles will be available in a week, with invitation codes and NFTs support soon after.

Organizations have the option to set up raffle prizes and requirements
Organizations have the option to set up raffle prizes and requirements

Analytics - Understand Your Community Better

Link3 Event Planner Analytics provides you with critical metrics to follow up with participants and plan better future events. Metrics include but are not limited to: page visits over time & geo-location, user information, and attendance time from our Twitter and Discord monitoring bots. You will be able to further grow your community based on these insights.

Analytics provides insight into registrants, page views, and geo-location statistics
Analytics provides insight into registrants, page views, and geo-location statistics

Access Control - Seamless Teamwork

Invite your team members to log in with their wallets for admin access and together manage your organization’s Link3 profile and events. Fast forward event management with online team collaborations.

No migration, only value-adds

You still keep your robust Discord community and Twitter channels and host events as usual. Link3 Event Planner is only here to make your events experience more engaging and Web3-native, event analytics smarter, all the while easier to manage. Link3 will also support events hosted on Zoom and Google Meets.

Link3 Event Planner features are currently only available to verified Link3 organizations. If your project is not on it yet, get in touch and we will help verify and set yours up. We also plan to roll out the event feature to individuals in later updates, stay tuned.

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