CyberLetter #11: Link3, CyberGrants and Community Updates
August 23rd, 2022

CyberConnect is a decentralized social graph protocol that helps developers bootstrap network effects and build powerful social dApps while returning data ownership back to users.

Through our publicly accessible protocol, we are democratizing social connections and making social graphs self-sovereign, portable, composable, blockchain-agnostic, and contextually meaningful.

If you like what we are building, make sure to check out our site, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror, and follow us on Twitter.

All eligible applicants who applied to get early access to Link3 using this link have been invited to sign up. If you have not yet received an invitation code from us, read below to learn more about how you can increase your chances of getting whitelisted.👇🏽

…and if you have received an invitation code, why the delay? Set up your profile today. There may or may not be a surprise for you on your Link3 dashboard

How to increase your chances to get whitelisted?

Link3 is currently in its Alpha 1.0 stage. Only whitelisted addresses or those with invitation codes can set up their verified profiles. To make it to the whitelist during this first phase, you will need either one of the following:

A) Must be included by a verified Link3 project in its Team, Backers, or Contributors section. If your project does not have its profile yet, ask your team to set it up now!

B) Must be followed by a super KOL (according to TwitterScan) or a top 100 users on


Link3 will now automatically assign a default avatar to user profiles that do not have a set NFT avatar Which one’s your favorite?

✅Organization Profiles & Verification

This latest update will now guide users to create an organization profile by following a few simple steps.

In addition to that, submitting your organization page for verification just got a whole lot easier. ✅🚀

Projects can now link their Twitter account as well as an email address to their Link3 profiles. With that, you now have the option to import your Twitter info and even receive email notifications from Link3!

✅New Login Support for Gnosis Safe Wallet

Users now have a variety of options to log in to/register your Link3 profile. We will continue adding new wallet support.

️⭐Top Profiles Spotlight

More beautiful looking Link3 profiles 🥰

Every week, we feature top Link3 users who are using creativity, design, and content to give an extra edge to their profiles. They may or may not be eligible for an exciting surprise 🤫

Last week’s top profiles can be viewed here.

🗂️Developer Center

V0.10 of the CyberConnect Developer Center was deployed on August 09 and now includes the CyberConnect Android SDK.

💰Cyber Grant

We are accepting applications for Cyber Grants on a rolling basis. Whether you’re building a Web3 Social dApp, security/tooling or privacy infrastructure or looking to take advantage of our recommendation engine, if you believe you have it in you to take Web3 social to the next level, this grant program is for you.

Interested applicants may apply here.

🤝🏽New Partners

We’re so thrilled to welcome the following projects to the Link3 family:

👩🏽‍💻Community Contributor Program

We are working to revamp our community contributor program and will be opening up a new round of applications soon. Please stay tuned for our Discord announcement.

🎭More Events!

Our regional community moderators have done a stellar job organizing regular events. No matter which timezone you live in or which language you speak, expect a special event or AMA coming up for you soon.

It’s a great time to be working in Web3. Did you know we’re hiring across the board? We’re calling on mission-driven individuals passionate about web3 to join our engineering, biz dev, community, and marketing teams. Come and say hi here and help us redefine the future of social networking on the internet!

..and finally. Thanks for sticking with us. If you like what you read, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror and follow us on Twitter. Tempted to contribute? Join our vibrant community by clicking here or dive into our developer docs here.

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