CyberLetter #4: ETHDenver & Dev Community Updates
February 24th, 2022

Hi there! CyberConnect is a decentralized protocol for constructing blockchain address-based social graphs. We democratize social connections and make social graphs self-sovereign, portable, composable, blockchain-agnostic, and contextually meaningful. If you like what we are building, make sure to play around our site, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror, and follow us on Twitter.

Hello there, beloved frens. Wenyi here writing to you this time. I lead BD at CyberConnect. As I write this opening paragraph from my iPhone since I left my laptop charger in Denver after a bender of a week, I smile from reminiscing on the good times our team had at ETHDenver.

What a week!

An estimated 10,000 visitor inflow into Denver puts this at the top of my all-time conference list in terms of size and sheer talent. Every single day, I picked the brains of incredibly bright and kind people from all kinds of backgrounds - Web2 devs looking to get into Web3, artists with published records on Catalogue, OG whales with risk appetites of sharks’ who got into the space in 2011, veteran devs and founders of foundational Web3 infrastructure, undergrad kids launching their own Web3 project even though they’re not old enough to drink… To say that ETHDenver for Web3 dwellers is the modern equivalent of Gatsby’s parties to his lucky invitees is an understatement. Seriously in need of a Marie Kondo for my telegram after the week’s worth of meeting new people.

In addition to new frens, we also finally met up in real life with our long-time frens at partner projects whom we’ve been talking to on Zoom! Our team co-hosted a happy hour with the lovely people of Ceramic, DEIP, and Lit Protocol, which was indeed a Lit time. Some frens in attendance included teams from Snickerdoodle, Parsiq, etc.

Keep an eye out for offline CyberConnect in the future. Word on the street is that we’re in the mood to party ;).

With that lit-looking
With that lit-looking

Meanwhile, for those of you who had to miss out on meeting us offline, catch us on Twitter. Our DMs are always open. Co-founder @ryanli_me, BD Lead @weny1_official Community Lead @PiSofaEth, and Content Lead @yillan_h

Should you have any feedback or simply want to talk, please do leave a comment under our Tweet or get in touch via the form here. We’d love to hear back from you!

Please read on for our regular updates from the past few weeks.

Quick bites:


  • 141,654 users (unique addresses) & 2,425,622 connections
  • 10,934 people have minted their 2022 is Gonna be SOL Cool - CyberConnect NFTs

Anything you missed these past few weeks?

  • Gitcoin SPV Hackathon
  • ETHDenver and Happy Hour co-hosted by Ceramic, Lit Protocol and CyberConnect
  • Web3 Social Portal soft-launched and inviting contributions
  • 2022 is Gonna be SOL Cool: our campaign with Galaxy and 26 more projects on Solana, with NFT giveaway

Things to expect in the next few weeks:

  • Early Contributor Incentive Program
  • Our series of technical expositions of the protocol, beginning with a piece explaining our path to progressive decentralization and our tech architecture at a high level
  • More community initiatives and events
  • More emerging applications in the CyberConnect ecosystem

For Developers

Gitcoin SPV Hackathon Closed

We have had another successful Hackathon. The Gitcoin SPV Hackathon has now officially closed and the bounties have been distributed. In total, we have 20 teams and 27 people participated, we received 12 contest submissions and gave out $6000 for the bounty prize!

For this hackathon, we had two tasks. The first task is about building a social connection radar web app based on the CyberConnect connections dataset. The second is to build any dApp based on CyberConnect, with DAO and feed functions suggested.

We were really impressed by the quality and creative spirit of this round’s submissions. To single out a few winning projects here. Go have a play on their apps.

For more details regarding all qualified submissions and our bounty distribution, please check the following report: CyberConnect Gitcoin SPV Hackathon Report

If you have any feedback, please fill up the form here or simply find us on Discord.

The brand-new CyberConnect Developer Centre landing page
The brand-new CyberConnect Developer Centre landing page

New Developer Center and Docs

We have our new developer center site up and running! We’ve also updated our developer docs to streamline the integration process. Learn about our clearly laid-out Introduction to CyberConnect, Docs, API Integration, Showcase, Community Updates, and Code Resources.

Some highlights:

  • Detailed introduction to CyberConnect as a protocol. Here we cleared up some common obscurities and laid out clearly what CyberConnect is, why users and developers need our product, and what CyberConnect will and will not build. That said, CyberConnect is an open project in the early stages. We will have to chart the course together.
  • A detailed walkthrough of integrating with CyberConnect Indexer and SDK. We have 10+ tutorial docs here. You should be able to easily retrieve users’ friends, get recommended list of addresses, get featured people. Both quick-starter and core concept articles are also updated.
  • Complete API handbook. You can find all the information about every field, type, query, the input of CyberConnect indexer GraphQL endpoints here.
  • Real-life showcases and use cases. We listed our partners who have already integrated with CyberConnect and show what utility CyberConnect brings to them. To add to that, we also put down a list of potential CyberConnect use cases, which could be a great starting point for new projects. Expect more detailed developer and partner stories.
  • In community resources and events, we extend our support for our dev community. Find resources like our open-sourced projects and links to our blog and other initiatives. Also, get updated about the events like Gitcoin hackathons. Get inspired from those submissions.

The new Developer Center is the first part of CyberConnect’s ongoing initiative to level up our support for a global open-source and developer-friendly community. We are constantly working on it. Expect more developer stories, partner showcases, tech writings, and community events.

Should you have any problems building with CyberConnect, this should be your go-to place for official resources. We hope it helps. Check it out here:

And please don’t hold back any suggestions you might have regarding the site or the community in general. We make extra effort to ensure that every feedback counts and we have a contribution logging system for it. Feedback can be submitted here.

Community-built project - Light

We have yet another great project built by our community. And we are more than proud and honored.

Let there be "Light", a metaverse explorer where users can discover, connect, and earn based on wallet activity. In simple words, Light is a decentralized Identity Protocol, a social Layer for DAOs, and a Web3 Native Facebook built on top of CyberConnect.

Dev Community Support

If you’re a builder who’s interested in building with us, join our Discord server and head over to the #Developer channel, and introduce yourself!

There will be 24/7 tech support by top developers from CyberConnect's global offices. Join the discussion, talk to us at our regular community calls, and never miss any community initiatives.

We are also working on some starter projects and tutorials. Stay tuned and get in touch if you have any suggestions.

We are also actively looking for some dev evangelists to help us build this strong and vibrant dev community. See more details here Developer Evangelist


CyberConnect Profile Webapp Updates

  • Integrated with Clover Wallet
  • Twitter re-verification
  • Optimized users’ ENS avatar
  • We made our Twitter Verification a public repo on Github here
Now supporting Clover Wallet
Now supporting Clover Wallet
Now you can change your Verified Twitter account
Now you can change your Verified Twitter account


Coming up

  • More Twitter spaces on all things Web3.
  • Look out for our merch & logo at the Holaplex Hacker House @ SXSW! We’ll be looking for the best social projects that come out of the Hackathon.
  • Frens in universities - we’re chatting with a couple peeps on matters of a bootcamp from CyberConnect. Let us know if you’re at a blockchain club in uni and would like to participate :)


Web3 Social Portal

Thanks to all of you who already made submissions to the Web3 Social Portal. Can’t tell you how exciting this is! We are optimizing the procedure and interface from your feedback and would love to see more frens joining the space. We believe good resources lead to effective learning, which sparks interests, that turns into habits that kindle genius. This is why building and bettering the Web3 Social Portal is on top of our priority list right now, and it just feels amazing to see how a community grows with everyone helping each other.

Check out the site at and learn with us. Use the form here to keep sending us new entries of Web3 social projects, good reads, original&translated pieces, and simply any feedback. We are improving our contribution logging system and note that incomplete or spamming submissions are not welcomed.

SOL Good
SOL Good

2022 is Gonna be SOL Cool

How’s 2022 going for ya? We had an awesome time with Project Galaxy and 26 other leading protocols in the Solana ecosystem. Check out this page and CyberConnect’s Solana Plaza if you haven’t yet. And for those 11,135 of you who have minted the NFT, invite your frens to come! Party’s over in 6 days.

Valentine’s Day with Flamingo

Valentine is for one day, but Web3 love is for life! Over 4,000 Web3 dwellers joined us on our Valentine’s Day event with ShowMe. Hope you found your lover in real life, and if not, at least you’ve got a Flamingo NFT.

Coming Up

We have a series of community initiatives and planning going on here, and we're hiring top talents in video editing, copywriting, and graphic designing from our Discord community. If you would love to help us out, Roy’s DM is always open. Find him on Discord!

Our next community event is gonna be “Global Cryptizen” just around the corner! Guess what it is?


We’re actively hiring across the board! Looking for those creative minds and passionate about Web3 to join us.

We currently have multiple openings in:

  • Engineering team: frontend lead, backend engineers, recommendation engineers, iOS, Android.
  • Business development, community management, and content marketing teams.

Learn more *here.* Or simply drop in and say hi and co-define what the team is like!

Oh hi! You are still here! Thanks for staying with us. If you like what you read, subscribe to this newsletter, check out our Mirror and follow us on Twitter. Tempted to hop on? Come and join our vibrant community here. Dive into our developer docs here. Whether you want to work with us or not, we'd always love to hear about what you are building.

See you down the road!

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