August 21st, 2022

Nadia Eghbal has done extensive research on open-source and has written many articles detailing her findings. One specific analysis that I found interesting was where she analyzed the health of Web 2 open-source projects using objective metrics.

So, we asked ourselves…“What if we could apply those metrics to Web 3 open-source projects?”

And so we did.

The rest of the post will share our findings and conclusions.

May 31st, 2022

Our mission at DappCamp is to train the next generation of Web 3 developers. The Web 3 frontier is vast and many parts of it remain unexplored. At DappCamp, we believe there is a dire need for more builders who are eager to go out and build the frontier. Hence, why we started this online bootcamp.

Our online bootcamp is entirely online and available to developers all around the world. We take experienced and driven Web 2 developers and put them through an intense 3-week program to train them on Ethereum smart contract development.

Many of our grads pursue full-time smart contract engineering roles after graduating. To help them facilitate the transition, we wanted to better understand the current state of the Web 3 job market and where the biggest needs lie.

In our research, we discovered a couple of surprising insights that we will share below.