update #17: hackathon news!

Since our last update, the team has been laser-focused on porting our SmartWeave contracts to EXM, a lightning fast execution layer for Arweave dApps. As a part of this initiative, we’ve ported Ark Protocol and have started porting ANS!

Strap in - there’s a lot more news for us to share with you. 🧙

Did you meet us at ETH Lisbon?

Everyone who met’s Pierre at ETH Lisbon last month and claimed the ANS POAP is eligible to claim their own .ar ANS domain.

Head to to get started.

The Ark Protocol Hackathon starts next week!

While we wait for the last submissions to roll in from the first hackathon, we’re excited to announce another opportunity to get paid to learn the stack and build something amazing with the tooling we’ve built:

The Ark Protocol Hackathon is starting on November 21st. Open for all submissions that integrate Ark. Read about how to participate here. hackathon winners

First prize: DDao’s dAgora fork of

dAgora is a community service that helps with the creation, collection, and reconstruction of content.

With dAgora, DAO members can send messages to a Discord bot that are relayed to, storing those messages permanently on-chain and tied to cross-chain identities via Ark Protocol and ANS.

While dAgora is still in active development, their forked adaptation of demonstrates an interesting use case for displaying user’s posts in the context of social content collaboration and ownership.

Since Crossbell allows users to cross-post their web2 content via the xSync integration, this allows for storing, and bridging web2 Activity to the chain.

1st runner-up: LwaziNF’s rework of the UI layout

LwaziNF Went out of his way to completely re-imagine the look and feel of, by creating a sophisticated and playfully interactive experience for users to enjoy!

Besides the addition of fluid animations, users can now see their QR codes by clicking on their avatars.

Stamps have been integrated directly inside the user banner…

And, the collectibles section has got a slick rework!

.evmos domains integrated in Ark

Ahead of the UI integration to allow non-technical users to link their Evmos addresses with Ark, we’ve added support for Evmos domains, making it our 4th integrated domain so far!

(design not final)
(design not final)

Our Arweave x NEAR integration explained on space with @waxnear

This week, joined Wax’s “NEAR Chill and shill” podcast. Our co-founder, kobold mystic discussed the possibilities NEAR unlocks for and explained the technical differences and synergies between Arweave and NEAR.

He also shared some alpha on our future projects, so go give it a listen! 😀

ANS name competition live on Discord

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might’ve wondered how you could get yourself a custom ANS label.

While we’re still working on some of the infrastructure required to open minting to the public, in the meantime, we’ve launched a Discord giveaway to reward the most active users.

Join our Discord to find out more about it and to have a chance at winning your custom label!

We’ll be revealing a new project we’ve had in the works in the next issue, so stay tuned!

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