September 21st, 2022

Today we are so thrilled to announce the first wave of grants being disbursed by the Uniswap Foundation!

As we mentioned in the governance proposal to create the Foundation, we see an opportunity to elevate the Uniswap Grants Program (UGP) to have an even greater impact on the ecosystem than it already has. With this first set of grants, we are excited to showcase a few examples of this impact in action.

This first wave of grants sums up to ~$1.8M total, awarded across 14 grants. Some grants were awarded a few months ago and are already completed, while others were approved more recently after the creation of the UF. They vary in size and scope, and are spread across three categories:

  1. Protocol Growth, including a decentralized volatility oracle, and a data analysis tool that extracts data from the Uniswap subgraph into a CSV file

  2. Community Growth, including a Uniswap v3 development course and events in Latin America, Africa, and Canada

  3. Governance Stewardship, including a deep dive into the state of Uniswap delegation, which will be translated into a series of recommendations to improve governance