Dhaiwat Pandya

Dhaiwat Pandya

DevRel @ Ankr Building devtools and educational content for web3 Developer DAO and Moonshot Collective
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Permanently deploy decentralized React frontends to Arweave

Most frontend devs I know in web3 use Next.js + Vercel for their frontends. Probably for good reason, too. Next.js is fast & feature-packed, and no other platform has a better developer experience than Vercel.
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How my DAO experience changed my life - leaving home for the first time with Developer DAO for EthDubai

In 2021, I was a 20-year-old kid studying at a shitty college and doing miserable random freelance gigs for pocket money. Traveling the world and exploring the mysteries it had to offer was something I had always dreamed of. But dreaming is where it had to stop. I come from a middle-class Indian family so I could never afford to travel abroad.

A guide to Web3 for Web2 frontend devs

Dhaiwat Pandya
January 30
With all the hype around, web3 can be overwhelming if you’re looking to get started. Luckily if you are a frontend dev coming from web2, you already have most of the skills you need to get started in web3. I can say this because I come from a web2 frontend background myself and I made the move to web3 last year. I now work full-time in web3.