Bitcoin is legal tender in El Salvador. This means we are able to source products, sell them online and run an entire business without any bank account. No fiat, only crypto. We’re starting with coffee but in the future will expand into other products and services. 20% of all profits are going to contributors of this crowdfund. If you contribute, you get paid. After you contribute, join our discord to get involved.



We live in a world that has technologically outgrown the economic systems that are currently in place. With no signs of slowing down, we need a different way of doing business. This became incredibly clear when Rainforest’s founder moved to El Salvador to figure out what the hell is going on with Bitcoin. You can read some of his lessons here. Because El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender, they’ve opened up enormous opportunity for innovation. Many of the economic hardships people go through can be solved using decentralized technology. This can all be done in an open source and democratic way. That is exactly what we’re doing.

When you buy a product, what if you could say how that company spent your money? Imagine, if you bought an apple phone, and they showed you a list of products they have currently in R&D. You see that they are building a car and you think “Fuck yeah, I want an apple car.” So you tell them to take some of the money you spent on a phone, and put it into the R&D for the apple car. Or if you want a better watch, you can send your funds to the watch R&D. Imagine if everyone did that. How cool would that be? How much different would our world be if you actually took part of the decisions of the companies that you bought from?

We’re making this a reality.


Help move our economy towards a more democratic and open society. We’re doing this by bringing decentralized assets to the physical realm and building the worlds most customer owned brand.

Details & Tokenomics

There are going to be 2 tokens. PVine and Vine. PVINE is what you’ll receive by participating in this crowdfund. These are both governance that hold equal weight in company decisions, there are just few differences.

**PVINE: “**P” stands for profit. 100% of gross profits go to PVine holders. These tokens are what you’ll get by participating in this crowdfund. 20% of tokens are reserved for croudfund contributors. The other 80% will go to dao contributors, R&D, and other employees. People who work for Rainforest will be paid in profit shares. This is new, but we feel this is how companies should be run. Employee’s get profits. If you do work that adds value and promotes growth, you’ll get paid more. These are all minted during this crowdfund and total supply will never change (unless the dao decides otherwise).

VINE: These tokens are only minted a customer scans a QR code on a recently purchased bag. This is for 2 main reasons

  • The physical limitation of needing a bag of coffee keeps the inflation at a minimum. This keeps the value from going to 0.
  • As a customer, you get part ownership in the company via governance tokens. If you buy more, you’ll get more governance tokens.

This company will be run by the crowdfund contributors, the people working on the products, and the customers*.*

Was there ever a time in history where the customer actually had part ownership of a company, just because they bought the product?

I doubt it.

What you’ll get as a backer

You’ll receive the PVINE token. This is a profit sharing & governance token.

How does it work?

  • Profit Sharing: 100% of profits is split equally between each of these tokens. Every time a sale is made the profits will automatically be sent to holders of these tokens. This is handled via smart contract. So no more waiting every 2 weeks to get paid. Its passive income on steroids.
  • Governance: Decisions the treasury makes will be decided by vote. 1 token equals 1 vote. You’ll be able to help with decisions around branding, bounties, employee hires, R&D etc.
  • Discord access: This is how we’ll communicate as co-founders. (Yes, if you hold this token, you can call yourself a co-founder)

What the crowdfund pays for

Supply - 33%: We have a supplier, labels and branding. We just have to pull the trigger. The results of this crowdfund determine how much we can start selling.

Infrastructure - 33%: We’re not planning on selling out all at once. We need a place to store the coffee, add custom packaging etc.

Marketing - 33%: We want to make sales, we need a good marketing budget.


Each step provides a new source of income for the Dao. If you join, not only will your PVINE tokens give you profit sharing, but you’ll also be able to weigh in on decisions made during the process. It’s a new world, we can make it how we want.

1.) Crowdfund

During this time we’re building out the smart contracts, getting audited, and making sure everything is in place to start making sales

2.) Start Selling

Since our mission is to bridge the gap between physical products and digital assets, the best way to learn is by doing. So that’s what we’ll do.

3.) Open source inventions

At its core, crypto is programmable money. That means there are ton’s of things that can be made that no one has thought of. The best way to see what’s needed is by trying things out in the real world. Most of these will be smart contracts. That means we can add in a percent of sales that comes back to us. We don’t want to be greedy, we just want to be paid for the things we discover.

4.) Open source products:

Once a good infrastructure is in place, we’ll be opening up the store to people who wish to sell things for crypto. Amazon started with books, Rainforest is starting with coffee.