Dreams Never Die Records: Who We Are & Our Story.

Dreams Never Die
Dreams Never Die
October 12th, 2021

What is Dreams Never Die?

A record label that specializes in finding, developing, and launching brand-new musical talent; specifically, artists who move the needle. Our mission is to position artists for success by providing resources and guidance in the very early stages, while concurrently amassing a diverse catalog of forward-thinking songs from potential stars.

Who are we?

At our core, we’re music lovers with a lifelong passion for discovering new talent, and we want to do everything we can to ensure the world hears it all.

The team:

Chad Hillard - Founder & Owner
Chad Hillard - Founder & Owner
Cole Ryan - VP of A&R & Creative Director
Cole Ryan - VP of A&R & Creative Director

Our Ethos

In the current data-driven, algorithm-dominated musical landscape, tons of promising artists are left undiscovered and overlooked. We wish to be a conduit that helps these artists move toward sustainable careers.

Our History

We come from a background of music blogging.

In 2007, we started a website called Hillydilly to share music we loved with our friends. As the site evolved over its 14-year run, we were lucky enough to discover and help break some enormously influential artists (Billie Eilish, LANY, Lorde, healy, joan + many more), earning us our reputation as a trusted source of music discovery and curation.

As a byproduct of sharing music for over a decade, we’ve developed unique relationships across the industry built on trust, all stemming from our ethos of only pushing music we love while resiliently breaking and discovering new talent.

We continue to run a music discovery platform, now called Before The Data.


We deliver music to the world through traditional means (Spotify, Apple Music, etc), onboard artists into various other income-generating platforms, and provide hand-on guidance to artists who request it in their beginning stages.

The biggest challenge new artists face is getting people to hear their music, regardless of how good it is; through our many years of discovering new artists and developing these organic relationships, we’re able to get your music heard and into the hands of fellow tastemakers, artists, A&Rs, managers, bloggers, editorial playlisters, etc.

Goals (for the artists we work with)

From an artist’s perspective, Dreams Never Die can be viewed as a springboard to future success and the foundation of a lengthy career.

We’re committed to providing the tools, momentum, advice, and time for artists to evaluate and achieve their goals, all in a non-pressured environment that acutely understands their needs.

The Future

Music’s relationship with technology is ever-changing, and we’re devoted to exploring every new avenue that could help artists earn a living from their music.

Web3 (blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency) is opening new doors for artists to find sustainability, and we prioritize onboarding our roster into that world (if they choose to do so).

With more songs than ever constantly being released, it’s become increasingly challenging to rely purely on traditional means to earn a living in music (record sales, streaming, touring, merchandise). Instead of dwelling on those challenges, we’re focusing on contributing to an ecosystem that can support anyone who simply makes great music.

Regardless of an artist’s route and niche, we’re here to help them realize their roadmap so we can all find sustainability from great music.

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