May 10th, 2022

We’ve built a virtual venue in the Voxels metaverse, which now lives at dreamsneverdie.club.

Located on the waterfront, the three-story building (designed and decorated by Lexicon Devils) features a large video screen (visible from every level), a stage, NFT galleries, a guest book, and more.

March 1st, 2022

Songs Never Die is a new, community-run, virtual songwriting camp; its goal is to provide an avenue for creative collaboration within Dreams Never Die, bringing together DND’s roster and broader community of creatives. Everyone is welcome.

To get involved with Songs Never Die, join our Discord server and fill out an inquiry.

The camp will be carried out through the following steps:

February 7th, 2022

Tomorrow, SLOE JACK will become the first artist ever to debut exclusively on Sound.xyz.

We hope Jack will pave the way for brand-new artists aspiring to break in the web3 music space.


October 25th, 2021


Dreams Never Die is an independent record label preparing to convert into a DAO, and we’re looking for early builders to join the team—especially those with experience in tokenomics and the broader Web3 space, but also artists, aspiring and established music professionals, fans, and anyone who resonates with our mission.

In this post, we’ll explain who we are, what we’re building, why we’re building it, and how to get involved.

October 9th, 2021

What is Dreams Never Die?

A record label that specializes in finding, developing, and launching brand-new musical talent; specifically, artists who move the needle. Our mission is to position artists for success by providing resources and guidance in the very early stages, while concurrently amassing a diverse catalog of forward-thinking songs from potential stars.