Jay Clayton, Kevin Warsh, & Pratiti Raychoudhury Join as Electric Advisors

Jay Clayton, Kevin Warsh, and Pratiti Raychoudhury have joined as Electric Advisors to support Web3 founders. They will work with founders to navigate the regulatory landscape and build crypto-enabled applications that scale to billions of users.

  • Jay Clayton is the former chairman of the SEC. During his tenure, Bitcoin & Ethereum were classified as commodities.
  • Kevin Warsh is the former Federal Reserve governor from 2006 until 2011. He was instrumental in architecting the recovery plan for the 2008 US financial crisis.
  • Pratiti Raychoudhury is the Head of Research and User experience at Meta. She leads user experience research across products that reach over 3 billion people worldwide including Whatsapp, Instagram, Oculus, and more.

Electric Advisors are experts who support Web3 founders

Building companies and protocols in Web3 is uniquely challenging. Founders must create easy-to-use products on entirely new software platforms, navigate complex and nuanced regulatory questions, and understand the world’s financial plumbing. Electric advisors are the world’s leading experts in these areas and are available to help Web3 founders navigate these challenges.

We are excited to welcome the first batch of Electric advisors:

Jay Clayton

32nd Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Jay Clayton worked with the CFTC, the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve to address the classification and regulation of digital assets.

During his tenure, his focus was on making public capital markets more accessible by recognizing and adapting to rapid changes in technology. Chairman Clayton is an Adjunct Professor at the Wharton School and the Carey School of Law at the University of Pennsylvania, and currently serves as Lead Independent Director of Apollo Global Management.

Chairman Clayton is a champion for responsible innovation that benefits investors and consumers, while safeguarding against fraud and manipulation. He is an active advocate for improving cybersecurity, highlighting the dangers of poor corporate security, the importance of resiliency, and the necessity of modernizing software infrastructure. His experience provides founders with invaluable expertise balancing rapid consumer innovation with necessary regulatory protections.

Kevin Warsh

Federal Reserve Board of Governors

As the central bank’s point man during the global financial crisis, Kevin Warsh was a key architect of the policy response that ultimately averted economic collapse. Governor Warsh previously served as Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, Executive Secretary of the White House National Economic Council, and executive director at Morgan Stanley & Co. He is a partner of Stanley Druckenmiller at Duquesne Family Office LLC and a member of the board of directors of UPS, Inc. 

Warsh is a leading monetary policy expert. He writes frequently on matters of economics and finance, especially the effects of macroeconomic forces on growth, productivity, and innovation. His service in the public and private sectors provides valuable insight on financial infrastructure, capital markets, trade and capital flows, and recent developments in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and stablecoins.

Pratiti Raychoudhury

Head of Research at Meta

Pratiti Raychoudhury leads teams across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, MetaQuest and more. She oversees an organization of over 1,200 researchers around the world and has held a number of leadership roles at Meta since joining in 2010. 

Raychoudhury is deeply invested in how research informs product development and how technology connects people around the world in inspiring ways. Web3 is full of challenging, complex new interfaces and product development; founders find her guidance invaluable, drawing from her vast background in research and new product development. Raychoudhury will ultimately help founders better understand the ever shifting landscape of technological progress, and build successful user products.

Welcome Jay, Kevin, and Pratiti!

About Electric Capital

Electric Capital is one of the largest crypto-native, venture capital firms that invests globally. Electric recently announced $1 billion in fresh capital to invest in early-stage Web3 companies and protocols with investment sizes ranging from $1m to $50m. Electric is unique in its ability to provide founders with deep expertise in engineering, product design, token economic design, liquidity provisioning, on-chain governance support and cryptography because two-thirds of the Electric Capital team are engineers or product designers and over half of the team are former founders with successful exits. Electric Capital's investments include category leading companies such as Aven, Bitwise, Bitnomial, Certora, dYdX, Frax, Hashflow, Magic Eden, NEAR, Slingshot and more. 

For more information, please visit electriccapital.com.

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