After the hackathon, keep building — with new updates for the ecosystem

Did you hear? Inari Synth was one of 14 finalist demos held on Wednesday, out of 360 teams completing in the ETHOnline2022 hackathon. After three weeks of hacking on it as a solo entrant repping by extension the DIGITALAX ecosystem, building continues, and there’s already another major update to release.

What’s new?

  • 🎉 The most requested feature update is finally here — three long days after the first public release. Full Lens collection module unlocked! If you have a Lens profile, you can do what you already do: Head to Inari Synth, enter a prompt, select the image you want to post on chain to share with the world. But now, you can take that extra step to choose how it can be collected. From whether it’s available for free or how much can be paid to get it, who can collect it, whether its availability has a time limit, set a referral fee, and decide how many of them can be collected.

  • 👀 More responsive for all types of screens. Have a Lens profile and a few mins to give targeted feedback on mobile? Responsivity testers wanted.

  • 🐞 Fixes and improvements. Not really any more of these than usual.

The intention for Inari is to remove distance between thought and creativity –– between decentralized social media activity and image synthesis –– for web3 ecosystems like ours. It’s not clear enough still for all but the nimblest early adopters what NFTs really are, why they matter, why bridge between IRL and virtual, why fashion, how local factory production and supply chains need shaking up, why image synth, or even, after almost 20 years, what the real value of social media is beyond endless unserious distractions, clickbait, and dopamine exhaustion.

Nevermind the ways centralized information has been weaponized.

How many have tried and failed to improve how we communicate, pleaded “devs do something!”, or worse, been so intimidated by the possibility of failure that they avoid the challenge of trying at all?

That’s why Inari, while a lightweight and simple creative integration of Stable Diffusion and Lens, also has a more intentional edge. It’s about doing something better than what social media has become, even when we start small. In our own way, integrated with the work of so many other interfaces, protocols, and open source devs, we begin to have a more concrete path to “decentralize it yourself”. Inari Synth is a usable blueprint for enhanced decentralized social media interfaces with image synthesis built in. It removes barriers so you can decentralize content creation and protocol operation yourself. Where each post builds incrementally towards greater ownership of your self-expression and ability to run your own nodes.

It’s not easy, bringing a new project into reality. But a condensed burst of development can help us dig deep into these common obstacles we all face, as an industry, in markets, and even just as people trying to find our own way.

Breaking the stranglehold that any one company, platform, or overzealous institution can have on money, power, self expression is an obvious good.

As much as power and free expression matter, follow the money a bit more. Social media makes plenty of it, but it all goes to the few platforms that won the ad wars of the earlier web. As users of centralized social networks and centralized AI tools, we are the content generating, ad targeted product, not the producer, customer, or stakeholder in any real sense.

We’ll never see more than a fraction of a dime from the old platforms for the value we’ve created.

None of this is news.

How you feel when you synth and post and collect without all the old limits on creativity is.

Head here to give it a spin:

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