I like blockchain and category theory.
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Governance tokens, and the art of doing more with less

January 15
Any mathematician is well aware of the following counterintuitive fact: often, the more restrictions you give to your mathematical models the more powerful they become. This is akin to what happens in some artistic disciplines; for instance, for traditional painters it was considered “acceptable” to paint only on a restricted set of materials (frescoes, canvas, wooden panels) using a restricted set of mediums (such as oil). If on one hand this greatly limited the kind of things they could do, on the other hand this self-imposed lack of freedom prompted them to improve their technique to manage to achieve the unachievable.

You don't need to lead the revolution to be the revolution: the underrated importance of bystanders and Rasputins

January 09

A moral analysis of ConstitutionDAO

January 07
I’ve written this piece ages ago, but I found the time to publish it only now. Sorry!