June 15th, 2022

As a result of several long-term changes and trends, today’s teams are far more diverse, dispersed, digital, and dynamic than those of the past — with frequent changes in membership as well. Whether we talk of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing safety protocols in workplaces, the adoption of teleconferencing and collaboration tools for doing business, or the virtualization of the workplace, all of these factors pose different challenges — as well as new opportunities — for teams and businesses working in today’s fast-paced and globalized marketplace.

At Freeda, we focus on team cohesion, collaboration, and integration, but it can be difficult to manage an exclusively remote workforce. However, with several “enabling conditions” that we have built into our corporate culture, we strive to make every day at Freeda fun, rewarding, and growth-oriented for all of our teams and partners.

Some of these factors include having a compelling vision and mission; a strong and supportive corporate structure; access to high-performance collaboration tools including VR technologies and metaverse development; and an openness that makes it easy to operate in a disparate environment across multiple geographies. At Freeda, our openness, transparency, collaboration, team focus, and support for one another are key values and critical components of the mission that we are all working together to achieve.

With trial and error, we have been able to hone our messaging, streamline our processes, build team and stakeholder buy-in, and break the “us versus them” mindset that has dragged down too many prominent businesses with lofty ambitions. Inspired by our early successes with our workers, partners, and teams, we even explored the possibility of becoming a community-managed company. The crystallization of this idea is how the Freeda DAO, a truly decentralized autonomous organization, was born.

June 13th, 2022

Freeda was launched in June of 2020 with a simple yet noteworthy objective: to make cross-border payments instant, cost-effective, and convenient for users of all types and backgrounds all around the world. Since then, a lot has happened. The COVID-19 pandemic struck, forever recalibrating the way we think of everything from in-office work to supply chain design and resilience; Bitcoin hit a new all-time-high; the US held a monumental election; macroeconomic turmoil, uncertainty, and inflation slowly yet steadily increased; the institutional adoption of crypto progressed at a significant pace; El Salvador formally adopted Bitcoin as a means of payment; the Russian invasion of Ukraine was initiated; “crypto winter” started; and the list goes on.

Irrespective of what happened, however, all of us at Freeda did our best to stay focused and concentrate on our mission. What a journey it has been! Continuous research and experiments; an infinite amount of coffee to power through endless hours at night that merged into days and weeks; Zoom calls at all hours of the day to facilitate real-time collaboration with remote global teams in different time zones; thousands of emails; hundreds of legal opinions; hundreds of design concepts that were whittled down to the very best ones for our users; global expansion of our teams; thousands of lines of code that were written, QA’d, improved, and deployed; innovative ideas were drawn up to deliver best-in-class services and offerings that met regulatory requirements; and we constantly and relentlessly pursued learning and new discovery. It takes time to build. It takes even more time to rebuild. At Freeda, we did both.

Today, we are prepping the launch of the Freedaverse — a suite of products and concepts never seen in the market before. At the core of the Freedaverse is the Freeda Blockchain. The Freeda Blockchain will provide cross-border transfers for our users at near-zero cost, along with many other benefits that will allow our users to earn, invest, socialize, create, and prosper — all with the security, transparency, and efficiency of our blockchain-powered platform.

What’s more, the Freedaverse will give that power back to the community via the Freeda DAO, which will become the driving force behind every product we launch. All of these offerings will be wrapped in the non-custodial Freeda Wallet, ensuring the principles and spirit of decentralization come first but with the convenience centralized services provide.