Fully on-chain Generativemasks

We're pleased to announce that the script of Generativemasks has been stored fully on-chain🎉🎊🎉🎊

Generativemasks is now fully on-chain

We’ve officially launched this project, Generativemasks, on August 17th, 2021. The Generativemasks have been mainly built in a Javascript library called p5.js, and all of the 10,000 Generativemasks have been generated by the script. Actually, this script was stored in a distributed storage called IPFS, and we generated the Generativemasks dynamically on the NFT marketplace by including the cid that can be obtained from the IPFS in the NFT metadata.

The IPFS works very well if you want to guarantee the uniqueness of your script, but there is still a huge challenge in storing the script in the long term. It's simply because if the IPFS node that stores the script disappears for some reason, then the script itself can be lost. This is a situation that we never want it. That's why we decided to store our most important script representing the Generativemasks in the Ethereum smart contract, so the script can be safely stored for a long time period even if the person who manages them is no longer available.

Now, we can directly retrieve the Generativemasks script from the Ethereum smart contract and create the unique Generativemasks only on the frontend. So we're very excited to finally tell you about the fully on-chain support for Generativemasks.

Generativemasks has completed on chain migration and will now be stored permanently on the Ethereum blockchain!


You can now go to our official webpage and type any mask number to get a Generativemasks that is fully on-chain!

Please go try it!

WEB: https://generativemasks.on.fleek.co/#/


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