Generativemasks Ukraine Edition

Background and Introduction

In support of the geopolitical situation in Ukraine, the Generativemasks team has launched a special Ukraine Edition of the Generativemasks.

Inspired by the worldwide efforts in the greater NFT and crypto space in support of Ukraine, all donations from the minting will be automatically redirected to the official Ethereum wallet address provided by the government of Ukraine at the time of the mint.

Ukraine ETH Wallet: 0x165CD37b4C644C2921454429E7F9358d18A45e14

About Generativemasks Ukraine Edition

  1. For each Generativemasks you own, you’ll be able to mint a Ukraine Edition
  2. This, in turn, means there is a max supply of 10000 Generativemasks Ukraine Edition, in accordance with the total supply of the original collection
  3. Minters can freely set the donation amount, starting at a 0.001 ETH minimum (+gas fees)
  4. The minted NFT is licensed for non-commercial usage, as per CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

How to mint the Generativemasks Ukraine Edition

1 Go to the Etherscan contract page of Generativemasks Ukraine Edition.

2 Open the "Contract""Write contract" tab of the "Contract".

3 Click the "Connect to Web3" and connect your wallet using a browser extension such as Metamask.

4 Go click the donateAndMintWithMaskNumber and put the donation amount(0.001 ETH minimum) in there. And then, you need to put the mask number that you own in the maskNumber input form. (Make sure that you type your mask number correctly.)

If you have multiple Generativemasks, you can mint all the Generativemasks Ukraine Edition that you deserve to have in one attempt.

To do that, instead of clicking the donateAndMintWithMaskNumber, you'll need to click the donateAndBatchMintWithMaskNumbers and put the donation amount(0.001 ETH minimum) in there. Then, type your mask numbers in the maskNumber. The format to enter the multiple mask numbers is [1,100,200,...](Make sure that you type your mask numbers correctly with the square brackets this time!)

6 After entering the Generativemasks number in the form, you can click the "Write" button to display the confirmation page for the transfer transaction. If there is no problem, the wallet will confirm and the transaction will happen.

7 Then, if the transaction is successfully done, you will see that you have your Generativemasks Ukraine Edition on OpenSea!



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