3D Printed Generativemasks - Pricing Updates and Comments

After we had a conversation with our partner DMM.make over the weekend, we decided that we are changing the price of the 3D Printed Generativemasks. We are very grateful to DMM.make for willing to accept our request. We made this happen because we really want to deliver it to the community and the holders.

The Updated Product Details are as follows:


Shunsuke Takawo - Creative Coder

Since the very beginning of the project, Generativemasks has focused on the roadmap of creating physical masks and has been exploring ways to achieve this. For me, as the creator, it was never easy way to create 10,000 masks in three dimensions using 2D masks in code. And I believe that the original is still the "code" and that I was able to show the possibilities of generative art that can change and evolve from there.

This was definitely something that I could never have done alone. It was only possible because I had a great team. So I am very proud that working with Ayumu Nagamatsu and the rest of the team members, we had the opportunity together to overcome so many difficulties and show you the way. Lastly, I wanna say that I am so grateful to all of you for believing that each work of art has meaning through mint and that it should be passed on to the future.

Ayumu Nagamatsu - 3D Modeling

What’s your impression of the 3D Printed Generativemasks?

First of all, I have great respect for the creator, takawo, and his philosophy as he has consistently created artworks on a daily basis. In addition to that, he has donated all of his proceeds to fund NPO and other generative art organizations. So I feel honored to be able to be part of the Generativemasks project and to be able to release this 3D Printed Generativemasks. The fact that Generativemasks is an open-source project and that it’s open to the modification within its license really allowed me to work with pure motivation.

You’ve been working with us for a 3D modeling for the 3D Genenerativemasks, and I imagine that there must have been a lot of challenges involved in "converting to physical".

The main challenge that I found the most was to develop a workflow for the creation of 10K solid models. To create closed solid surfaces in 3D printable format, I recreated the original code from scratch and refined it with texture. Another challenge was how to evaluate the overlap of 2D graphics in 3D. This is about the relationship between the shapes in the actual graphic order. Optimizing the calculation of it was the key because I had to do a lot of boolean operations on each shape that would take an enormous amount of time. Also, the OG mask has a browser based script to generate random numbers as a major key, it was required to reconstruct all the numbers in the original work in order to maintain the same quality.

I had some of the bottlenecks but after queueing, I was able to successfully build a pipeline that is capable of generating 10K 3D masks with a lead time of only a few days. It was also important to implement the business operation of giving NFT tags and delivering actual products in a physical space, although this discussion could have been skipped in the virtual world. This is a common thing in normal sales of artworks, but it’s not for NFT artworks. On this point, the DMM team was able to build the process and make it a reality. I’m so proud of them.

What were some of the things you are particularly excited about this 3D Printed version and what would you like viewers to see?

Through this 3D modeling, I believe that we will be able to discover again the primitive joy of the original OG Generativemasks. The fact that the patterns are written in code and can be crossed the boundary between different mediums is the true beauty of this project.

As with 3D Generativemasks, we are now able to create three-dimensional models with textures, and to produce models that are optimized for 3D printing. This 3D printing model is created by layering ceramics and other synthetic resins. And I believe that the unique lamination marks are a characteristic of each output, and these artifacts tell us about the technology of reproduction and contemporariness of this era, which makes the work more interesting. Thank you so much.

DMM.make - 3D Printing Technology

We, DMM.make, are pleased to announce and release this 3D Printed Generativemasks. As the first of its kind in Japan, we have been working hard to develop a physical model of NFT Art. In the production process, we repeatedly made prototypes to output the small details of Generativemasks, and also we were obsessed with the idea of giving serial numbers to it to make them uniquely valuable.

We the team have been committed to helping bring more flexibility to artists and their activities, and create more values of NFT art through our 3D printing technology.

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