3D Printed Generativemasks

We deliver the highest quality Physical Art by complete custom production. The thing is that even if the 3D Printed Generativemasks are made from the exact same 3D model and color scheme data, every individual piece has its own NFC chip embedded in it creating a different serial number. By scanning the NFC chip with your mobile phone, you can see detailed information about the physical masks including the wallet address.

The Product Details are as follows:

Name: 3D Printed Generativemasks
Website: https://physicalart.make.dmm.com/gms/ 
Price:1ETH ※1 
Sales: March 24th (Fri), 2023 - April 30th (Sun), 2023 
Eligibility: 3D Generativemasks Holders

Collaboration With DMM.make

We would not have been able to reach this day without the support of DMM.make. They are the best in 3D technology in Japan, and the collaboration with them made it possible for us to bring this 3D artwork to reality.


<https://physicalart.make.dmm.com/gms/ >

The Journey - From Launch in 2021 Til Today

This physical mask was something we had as part of our roadmap since we launched this project in 2021. We had so much reactions and feedback from the community for the physicals and had been working so hard as we make sure that we provide the best Japan quality art to the holders. With Takawo as the creator, with the support of DMM.make who provided the 3D technology, and with the help of Ayumu Nagamatsu who created the 3D Generativemasks, it all came together.

At GYRE Exhibition (Mar 24th - May 21st)
At GYRE Exhibition (Mar 24th - May 21st)

3D Modeling

Ayumu Nagamatsu is the guy behind the creation of the 3D Generativemasks airdropped last year to all the genesis mask holders for the 1-year anniversary. We the team would love to thank him for his work. He is absolutely the best 3D/CG engineer. (https://twitter.com/ayumu_naga)


*Eligibility: All the 3D Generativemasks holders

1. Go to the Website

2. Connect your wallet from the ”Connect” with the signature on MetaMask
Please make sure that your wallet is the one that has 3D Generativemasks NFT which is the only requirement for applying this 3D printed masks.

3. After connecting, click the “MY MASKS” to see whether you’re eligible or not. The wallet connection will automatically tells you. If you’re eligible, you should be able to see your masks on the page (*2)


4. Choose your “Palette” that you love and click “ADD TO CART”

5. The last thing to do is just put your information! Please fill in the information as follows.
Please fill in the information as follows.

Email address
Phone number
Your name
Your Shipping address (with zip code)

6. After you get all the information filled out, press the “SUBMIT”
Before clicking “SUBMIT”, we highly recommend you checking your info one more time to make sure that it’s not missing anything. This can’t be redone.

7. We’ll check your order to see if everything is okay.
Once we find that there is no problem, then you’ll get an email from DMM.make to proceed to the payment process.

8. Now all you need to do is just stay tuned for it!
It may take time for your mask to be delivered, but please kindly be patient!

※If you face any difficulties, please let us know by opening a ticket on Discord.


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