Everything Starts With the Community

Roadmap 2.0

First, we would like to tell you again that we launched our new Roadmap 2.0 last month and the project reboot is now going on. If you haven't checked them out, please do so for more details with the link down below. We’re giving back to the community with a strong commitment and at the same time, we really hope that we’ll see more and more people getting interested in generative art and enjoying the space. That’s one of the core feelings that we have for the project.

Roadmap 2.0: https://docs.generativemasks.io/roadmap
Charity: https://docs.generativemasks.io/charity
Community Docs: https://docs.generativemasks.io

Renewal of the Brand

This is another huge milestone for us launching our new website. We’ve got our project story and our creator’s story in there in order to tell you what was going on before we launched this project in August last year. There are so much history and story that we would love to deliver to the community so we’re so excited to share them with you to make an even greater community, a stronger gen art community.

  • How Generativemasks was born
  • Our Philosophy toward the Community
  • Our artist Takawo’s history
  • Charity & Support

We also created a new logo from the pattern of Generativemasks. This logo is used throughout the entire website as the Generativemasks font, and through the logo, we hope that people will be more familiar with not only the project, but also the entire ecosystem including our community and derivatives.

And we have the Gallery page that enables you to browse through all the Generativemasks out there. You can filter them by our official 3 properties, “Area”, “Height”, and “Width” up there on the top as well as the mask number and the token ID. This is a great feature for you to just have fun browsing them, but at the same time, this gives you a great opportunity to find your new favorite Generativemasks. We’re really hoping that you all enjoy the Generativemasks gallery. Tell us on Twitter if you found your favorite one!

Official Website: https://generativemasks.io/
Gallery: https://generativemasks.io/gallery

Solo Exhibition “#tinysketches”

Our artist Takawo is currently having his first solo exhibition called “Tiny Sketches” in Tokyo, and there are 240 artworks exhibited and all of them are from his coding practice “#dailycoding” which he started in March 2019. He continues to post this daily artwork on OpenProcessing as he is a member of the Processing community. We have a prototype model of our physical masks in the exhibition as well. We can’t wait to share it with you also.

Plus, not only Takawo is doing the exhibition, but he is also releasing his new series of works coming out every week during the time. There are 4 new artworks, and you can check all of them through the NOERT webpage. And don’t forget to check our Generativemasks Twitter account also as we’re doing a giveaway for each week of the series.

Date: May 13th - June 12th (14:00 - 19:00)
Location: NEORT++, Bakurocho, Tokyo (Google Maps here)
Webpage: https://tinysketches.neort.io/

New Listing on Coincheck

Another news is that one of the biggest Japanese crypto exchanges called “Coincheck” will have the Generativemasks collection in their new NFT marketplace, “Coincheck NFT”. To start off, we’ll have 100 Generativemasks on May 26th (3 pm - JST).

We’re so grateful to have this opportunity of listing our collection with one of the greatest NFT platforms to be able to reach out to more Japanese people and the market itself. You can check more details from the link down below.

Coincheck NFT: https://nft.coincheck.com
Press Release: https://corporate.coincheck.com/press/P7knfvrS
Twitter Post: https://twitter.com/coincheckjp/status/1527487116820750345

“Everything Starts With the Community.”

WEB: https://generativemasks.io

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