Show me the POAP!

POAP is the bookmark of life, you pay your passion and time to get them, there must be some that are important to you.

Now we have an event where you can share your favorite POAPs with your friends and get a chance to win prizes!


POAPin is a place where you can organize and share POAPs. You can see some of the current features here, and there will be more exciting features to come.

This event only supports mobile app to participate, the following is the download url.



1. Set your address, eth or ens

2. Add tags to favorite POAPs

3. Go to the tag set page

4. Share it to Twitter

The tweet needs to include the hashtags #POAP and #BookmarksOfMyLife, mention @glorylaboratory and tell why you like the POAPs.

That's it!

Ending Time

24 Feb 2022 at 20:00 UTC


  1. 100 USDT x 1
  2. 50 USDT x 2
  3. POAP x 1024 (All those who have used the mobile app will see the claim link within the mobile app in a few days, but not now.)

Who can win the prize 🎉

I will collect all the tweets from those who participated in the event. To prevent being missed, please fill in this form with tweet url:

Then we will draw the prize online. The raffle process will be public, if you have a good raffle tool welcome to give us suggestions.

Enjoy a life with POAP!

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