Hafftka's works are represented in the collections of The Met, MOMA, SFMOMA, Carnegie Institute, British Museum @tungstendao
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Hafftka Computer Paintings 1996-98

March 01
I started painting digitally in the 1990’s. One of the books which I published in 1998 was called “16 Computer Paintings”. Here is a facsimile of that book.

My Declaration of Independence and how I see it as an artist in a decentralized ecosystem

January 25
I have been a working artist for many years and much of that time I was struggling to make ends meet. Very early on I realized that making art was an experience of complete freedom, but selling art was not. It was difficult and it took quite a bit of the joy out of the creation process. The reasons for it are simple. I had no direct access to collectors. All my sales depended on intermediaries who showed my work when it served their purposes. Many artist were canceled out right there because an intermediary, often with no qualifications, decided they were not a promising prospect. I struggled with this system for many years and I saw it chew up and disappoint many artists. Worse, I saw it turn bright creative artists into drones, painting the same painting over and over, or variations ad infinitum, because that was what the dealer could sell.