Prelude To "As Of Recent"

Before my introduction and entry into Web3, my life was completely different. This music journey has put me through all the trials and tribulations I can think of. I’ve been very nomadic in nature the last few years which that has put me through a lot of uncomfortable situations. From being homeless & couch surfing, working multiple jobs to save up & stay afloat, mental health battles, deaths of close family/friends, harassment by law enforcement, & that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There have been many times I could have given up but the presence of a higher power & sheer resiliency have kept me on the path I’m on; even in the eye of the storm. They don’t often see the sacrifices needed to be made in order to succeed beyond what one can fathom but finding comfort in the uncomfortable has allowed me to really transcend in a way & embrace it all head on; in psychology, they tend to refer to this as post-traumatic growth. I feel like dealing with adversity not only makes us stronger when dealing with negative things but can also help us appreciate the positive ones; even increasing our overall satisfaction with life. It’s allowed me to be more empathetic to others, build self efficacy, & also reassess stress as more of a challenge to problem solve rather than be discouraged.

Web3 has opened up a whole new world for so many, and I'm blessed to be in a space where my craft, passion, & livelihood has been appreciated/valued in a way that has inspired me in a different way. As of recent, the air feels fresher. Food has been tasting better. My skin has been glowing. The hard work has been paying off. The gratitude is real as fuck. The intention is sincere. The vision is clear. And the future is very bright.

I've been finding a deeper appreciation for life as of recent, hence the title…

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