Lion DAO Genesis

Lion DAO Genesis: The Elevated Degens Unite.

Lion DAO is a social club cultivating decentralized IP in an evolving storyworld. The pantheons of Highvibe Network.

Where Web3 meets elevated consciousness. A call to adventure for the benevolent leaders of this present moment.

Wealth, art, technology, and community are better when shared. The old world is ending. The closed systems and digital empires of Web2 are in decay. Councils await. The blockchain is ready.

The Lion DAO Genesis Collection is being birthed on the Ethereum Blockchain spawning culture at the intersection of Web3 x Consciousness.

The beginning of an era.

Lion DAO’s Genesis Collection comprises of 3333 Lion DAO Genesis NFTs that double as a membership to an exclusive decentralized storyworld and metaverse community, with the benevolent power to collectively expand. This includes 1650 Lions, 1650 Lionesses, and 33 1/1 rare artworks within the collection.

The emergence of IP DAOs :: Art is the Utility

Owners have full Commercial Rights to their NFT Artwork. Community owned characters and IP are vital composable building blocks of the open metaverse, and emergent Web3 culture. When creators and collectors own IPs and create value, it attracts more value for the entire DAO.

Character based NFT collections are IP franchises.

Rather than rely on a single IP owner to create value, a decentralized network distributes IP ownership across multiple creators and collectors. Also the NFT will have governance features unlocked over time. The Lion DAO treasury is governed by its members to support emerging artists, projects, and spaces of aligned ethos. The building blocks of media and digital asset endowments for the generations to come.

Lion DAO Community Mint Cadence

Lion DAO Genesis is a Free Mint. Pay gas only.

🔥 Stage 1 Origins Mint Period 48 hours (July 28th 6:15am UTC)

Free mint for Legends, Hero Holders, and Community (between one and three per wallet depending on how many origin edition NFTs held)

🔥 Stage 2 Partners & Allow List Winners 48 hours (July 30th 6:15am UTC) Free mint for Allow List Winners (one per wallet)

🔥 Stage 3 Open until fully minted (if available) (August 1st 6:15am UTC) Free mint for Public (one per wallet)

*Snapshot and announcements of winners will happen on official channels July 26, 2022.


  • If you see another page link: be sure you are on the right URL, and that you have attained this link from our official channels.
  • In general NEVER sign a transaction that says "Approve All" unless you are certain it is the right choice.
  • There are many spoofing situations happening across the NFT space so the best practice is to use a minting wallet that is seperate from the wallet where you store your high value assets.
  • If you come across anything worth flagging pls let us know via support request (via discord). Lion DAO is being cautious and deliberate about how we conduct a very smooth launch experience for our community.
  • We will be removing bot submissions, and will never ask for private keys or private details.

Treasury Reserves

Of the 3333 Lion DAO Genesis NFTs: 555 NFTs will be reserved across five core network treasuries & 222 NFTs will be reserved in Lion DAO Marketing Wallet. 2556 NFTs will be available for 3 Stages of the free community mint.

Aforementioned core network treasuries include the Lion DAO Treasury, Highvibe Network DAO Treasury, Highvibe Alliance Treasury, Cosmic Assembly Treasury, and the COmastermind Treasury. A symbolic mechanism of building collective value, and paying it forward.

Lion DAO Genesis Royalties of 8% on secondary sales will be split as follows:

  • 2% Lion DAO Treasury 0x85CE68b05991183C9eb65620525243387a8a2feF

  • 2% Highvibe Alliance Operations (Builders) 0x72e7d2d761F4C1a1AA6E20CCFE4Ad6dEdd8bF83e

  • 2% Highvibe Network DAO 0x6599eA9BA62307f8f0C69F4184EDCe9A01Fa9CA0

  • 2% Highvibe Impact Fund 0x892ef110a8D9fBf703aF867fDf78D7373281F44D

    Split Contract Details:

  • Logic: 25% of royalties split between 4x wallets listed above

  • Contract Address: 0x4ff9432900b12120c89349105f99e60dc1fda654

  • Test Transaction Validation

A Deep Bow and Credit to our Incredible Artists

Fernando Chamarelli is a visual artist and illustrator with an exceptional eye for fusion. Fernando blends colourful designs with geometric style to create works that successfully unite both time and space. Fernando’s work places an emphasis on universal connection and the realization that for us to evolve, we must acknowledge our connection with other humans, animals, nature and the cosmos.

Brynja Magnusson is a visual artist with multi-dimensional style of bringing beauty into form. Founder of Ceremoniance, Brynja uses art and writing to translate both new and ancient wisdom into accessible new formats. Brynja is also an energy healer and has trained under Olof Kjellberg as an LMT supporting clients to reverse chronic untreatable pain.

Lion DAO Community Access

Holders will be Lifetime Members of the Lion DAO Genesis Community. Discord and Telegram is where we will begin to gather as our core communications platforms - which will continuously evolve and expand as Web3 native sovereign communications platforms emerge. Upon signing in you can also verify your NFT and automatically be allocated the Lion DAO Genesis Role and gain access to the members-only chat. This is a community project, the beginnings of a culture-focused DAO, and an invitation to expand our mission together. Step by step as one tribe.

You are all Elevated Degens. Guardians of our planet, warriors of the jungle, and sovereigns of the new world. Leading the charge, dissolving boundaries, and paving the way for others to follow.

Where masculine and feminine rise together. The pride moves as one.


Lion DAO Genesis will forever be an OG collection of Highvibe Network. There are special innovative features in this NFT collection that will be shared in the future.

Highvibe Network is here to raise consciousness by providing elevating experiences and interactive digital storyworlds in the metaverse, and IRL.
Highvibe Network is here to raise consciousness by providing elevating experiences and interactive digital storyworlds in the metaverse, and IRL.

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