August 30th, 2022

We are the Elevated Degens: the planet stewards, the conscious warriors, the solar punks, the regens. Returning to the vibes of the village. We are here to build a positive sum meta-game that lasts for generations.

What we know as “The old world” or “The old normal” is coming to an end. Transitions are in play. Propagated culture of being asleep, and under the wrath of institutions is dwindling.

The warriors, the kings, and queens of the Digital Jungle are uniting.

Developing coherence, noticing the serendipity, and gliding into the world of purposeful play. We are here to elevate and rise to our higher potential.

July 22nd, 2022

Lion DAO Genesis: The Elevated Degens Unite.

Lion DAO is a social club cultivating decentralized IP in an evolving storyworld. The pantheons of Highvibe Network.

Where Web3 meets elevated consciousness. A call to adventure for the benevolent leaders of this present moment.

Wealth, art, technology, and community are better when shared. The old world is ending. The closed systems and digital empires of Web2 are in decay. Councils await. The blockchain is ready.

June 27th, 2022


Highvibe Network is building metaverse infrastructure to elevate our human experience.

We create interactive digital storyworlds that teach, inspire, and provide a journey of shared perception. End-to-end creator economy toolsets to build audiences, launch NFTs, learning journeys, and social tokens. A Web3 ecosystem designed to interoperate across blockchains.

HVN is tapping into the nexus point of the open metaverse experience layer: Flipping the script on the ‘attention economy’ to allow win-win relationships, and aligned interests between the platform and its members. Reducing difficulty and time to market for artists and influencers to seamlessly leverage our technology stack to build valuable digital ecosystems.

February 22nd, 2022

We’re entering the era of Synarchy. The diminishing times of masculine energy overpowering feminine energy finally see their horizons.


We don’t have to choose between masculine or feminine as mutually exclusive. In fact they are best represented in harmony. The feminine is becoming fiercely celebrated. Female-driven Web3 projects are being rapidly supported to propel forward new ideas, creating new digital economies rooted in balance, awareness, and community. Balance is coming through and men are getting behind this transition into what we refer to as ‘The Age of Synarchy’. We rise together.

There is an invaluable notion that’s been sprinkled throughout the texts of our ancestors, forgotten and rebirthed repetitively throughout human history :: It is the understanding of duality inside each and every one of us, and it goes by many names. It is the “sun and the moon,” the “yin and the yang,” and the “masculine and the feminine” – among others.