Highvibe Network Manifesto


Highvibe Network is building metaverse infrastructure to elevate our human experience.

We create interactive digital storyworlds that teach, inspire, and provide a journey of shared perception. End-to-end creator economy toolsets to build audiences, launch NFTs, learning journeys, and social tokens. A Web3 ecosystem designed to interoperate across blockchains.

HVN is tapping into the nexus point of the open metaverse experience layer: Flipping the script on the ‘attention economy’ to allow win-win relationships, and aligned interests between the platform and its members. Reducing difficulty and time to market for artists and influencers to seamlessly leverage our technology stack to build valuable digital ecosystems.

Bringing together premium content, IP, and experiences from leading authors, creators, and affiliates. Bridging in with digital assets, and cutting-edge incentive programs.

Our Vision is to create an ecosystem of openly accessible tools to accelerate personal transformation and collective growth.


We are inspired by those who know how to live in alignment.

Web2 social media platforms make shareholders wealthy but they are harmful to humanity’s health and wellness. Extractionary business models rule the Web2 social landscape. Consumption behavior is leading us into a social dilemma that demands fresh, ground-up solutions that focus on aligned interests and wellness of our society at large.

The internet helped humanity stay connected in ways they only dreamed of previously. For years we enjoyed ever-evolving ways to stay in touch with friends and family around the world. Initially, it seemed as if our mainstream social media apps were enhancing our freedoms and enabling humanity. The value of our attention and our personal data seemed trivial, especially on a micro scale.

But the world is waking up to the tragic side of big tech’s control and profit-driven agendas. We have become the product and extraction point of many of the mainstream platforms today. Our data has become a commodity whilst the right to privacy and freedom of speech online are quickly diminishing. Drained negative emotional states cause social problems and disease.

It’s time for our evolution. It’s time to innovate.

It’s time to elevate.


We believe Web3 technology can be used to help people become healthier, happier, and get more satisfaction from life. One desire most of us share, is the desire to feel good. Yet most of our legacy platforms leave us feeling depleted, at a macro level.

Platforms at scale have immense power that will likely outpace our nation-states. Our objective is to distribute that power and align with the common interests of all network participants.

We believe that humans, in our imperfection, desire to thrive.  We are not changing anyone. We are inspiring them to improve in a time where our bounty has never been greater. Humans behave harmfully because of disconnection (a forgetting) of oneness, wholeness and unity. We help reconnect, and remember what’s already inside ourselves. When individuals are able to raise their own consciousness, their peer groups and societies also improve. That harmony and fulfillment will be a key to building a better IRL world.


Everything around us is energy, including our thoughts, our media, and our tools.

Imagine a powerful economy impacting billions around the planet, built to support our value creation abilities in ways that enable us to grow and thrive.

Our mission is to leverage emerging technologies, inclusive incentive structures, and engaged communities to elevate our human experience. Ushering in solutions that truly serve our deep human needs of growth and connection. Our vision is to pioneer a new industry category known as Functional Entertainment with everyone who participates in Highvibe Network. Experiences that uplift your mood, help you grow, and also entertain you.



We are all born to serve. The more resources we have, the more capacity we have to serve. Our goal is to serve humanity and raise the world’s vibration, and state of being. Service to others is a key cornerstone of fulfilment.


We live on the most abundant planet in the most abundant time in history – yet we have record levels mental and physical stress and unhappiness. There is too much focus on lack in our media which forces many to tap into scarcity mindsets. Instead we can lead people on bespoke paths to learn how to break from constant barrage of scarcity and survival that we are subject to. Focusing on the vast upside potential we all have access to.


We are all connected more than we could possibly comprehend. Wisdom across all cultures show that we need each other as teachers, mentors, and collaborators to become our best selves. Being connected with people who are also growing, extends our capacity to reach new heights, further elevating the greater community around us.


We believe it is our human responsibility to leave the world in better shape than we found it. Supporting the generations to come. The best way to do that is to first become our best selves.


Empowerment is the feeling of having what we need to thrive. The more empowered we feel, the more engaged we become. We all have more capacity and untapped potential than we know. Empowerment is the driving force behind the activity, growth, and energy of the team.


We are devoted to our network, our community, our team, our environment, and ourselves. We understand that the most successful individuals in the world continuously develop themselves. Our deepest devotion at Highvibe is towards raising the world's vibration and potential.

The time is now.


Highvibe Network is here to raise consciousness by providing elevating experiences and interactive digital storyworlds in the metaverse, and IRL.
Highvibe Network is here to raise consciousness by providing elevating experiences and interactive digital storyworlds in the metaverse, and IRL.
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