Lion DAO Genesis: Special Features Announcement

We are the Elevated Degens: the planet stewards, the conscious warriors, the solar punks, the regens. Returning to the vibes of the village. We are here to build a positive sum meta-game that lasts for generations.

What we know as “The old world” or “The old normal” is coming to an end. Transitions are in play. Propagated culture of being asleep, and under the wrath of institutions is dwindling.

The warriors, the kings, and queens of the Digital Jungle are uniting.

Developing coherence, noticing the serendipity, and gliding into the world of purposeful play. We are here to elevate and rise to our higher potential.

Lion DAO Genesis was launched as a free mint, and as a fair launch. Built as the first major flame, to light the proverbial torch of Highvibe Network as a digital nation. Allies, community members, and contributors all had a chance to join the allow list and mint, along with a public mint stage which minted out in minutes. An offering of high quality cultural artefacts.

Today, we are here to reveal some of the special hidden features in the collection:

Levelling: Every Genesis NFT has the ability to elevate. VIBES Levels are a fun way to track loyalty and commitment to the evolving narrative we craft together. VIBES Levels accrue automatically and reset to zero anytime the NFT is transferred. No staking required. This function happens at both the smart contract and metadata level and is reflected in the traits under ‘Vibes Level’. The levelling structure is as follows:

  • Inception - First 30 days

  • Resting – 31-60 days

  • Relaxing – 61-90 days

  • Awakening – 91-120 days

  • Integrating – 121-300 days

  • Vibrating – 300+ days

Twindom: As part of the art generation process we clocked over 11 versions of the collection as we fine tuned the artwork, the textures, and the traits. This spanned over several months and some changes were more enduring than others. It was a labour of love and during the process we made a conscious decision to keep some of the retro feel, and let some parts of the collection feel a tiny bit imperfect, pixelated, and in some cases intentionally glitchy. One of the parts we decided to keep in the collection were some of the twins. Our Lion DAO Genesis collection was produced by a generative art codebase. Eventually, we came up with 91 twins (with very similar metadata) in the collection with unique IDs. The pieces we chose to leave as twins are minimalist characters without headwear traits. We could have replaced the metadata, but we didn't in this case, as twindom has a root in storytelling and also manifests themselves in mythological tangents. Twindom provides a unique perspective on the connectedness of biology, common genetics, and timing.

Lion DAO Genesis Commercial Rights & IP Usage:

Sovereigns of the new world. Leading the charge, dissolving boundaries, and paving the way for others to follow.

Where masculine and feminine rise together. The pride moves as one.


Highvibe Network is here to raise consciousness by providing elevating experiences and interactive digital storyworlds in the metaverse, and IRL.
Highvibe Network is here to raise consciousness by providing elevating experiences and interactive digital storyworlds in the metaverse, and IRL.

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