February 15th, 2022

HOLE was born from necessity

As underrepresented artists, it’s impossible to ignore the lack of support from the hierarchal structures within the creative fields. Tokenism, blind ignorance, and the exploitative nature of our current systems all feel like standard practices that plague the crafts to which we’ve dedicated our livelihoods. Instead of waiting for empty promises to be fulfilled, we’ve decided to band together and lead by example.

HOLE is a cultural movement. We are pushing back against the norms that have been forced upon us. We are the Web3 destination for all underrepresented folx and respectful allies looking for refuge from the systemic restraints that were designed to hinder us. We provide access and resources that uplift and enable artists to explore unrealized talents, promote their work through peers, and find support within a like-minded community. We are here to see one another succeed.

We are the diverse voices that our industries have claimed were so hard to find.

February 16th, 2022

27 Times is a cross-medium NFT collection. 27 original poems were given to 27 artists for their unique responses, each in their respective mediums and styles. The Genesis capsule will be released at midnight on February 18th, 2022. The poems and their associated works of art explore expansive themes of love, heartbreak, and all the emotions that lay in an unnameable space.

We had the chance to sit down with Karsen Daily, the artist and facilitator of the project, to talk about Web 3.0, the deep sensitivity of an artist, their importance to society, and navigating through one’s own “hero’s journey.”

March 11th, 2022

All great art is personal. Through whatever medium an artist uses to communicate, they give up a piece of themselves for public viewing, which is no easy feat. Cheryl Faux, in her first NFT collection, (8.4872–13.2356), pulls this off effortlessly, giving the viewer access to her homeland of Sierra Leone with the unique perspective of both a native and a visitor. In this interview we spoke about the bravery it takes to make art, art’s ability to correct misconceptions, and why storytellers are important. With thoughtful responses to every question, Cheryl proves her roles as both a thinker and storyteller.

interview by JP Mavour for HOLE