Doodles’ vision on Cross-Licensing Explained
April 10th, 2022

Disclaimer: This is an attempt on explaining Doodles’ vision of Cross-licensing. The below information is solely subject to my own interpretations and I am open to all kinds of comments/advice to adjust my understanding.

During the recent fireside chat at South by South West and the interview with Carly Preilly on Overprice JPEGs, Poopie, Doodles’ co-founder has hinted multiple times about their plan of cross-licensing doodles to their holders.

Below is a piece of Poopie's conversation with Carly Preilly:

Through this conversation, Doodles intends to focus on cross-licensing. An example could be, if someone holds a doodle, they could license it back to Doodle LLC. The holder pays Doodles royalty or some little licensing fee and, then the holder takes this doodle that is licensed to create some new products. 

Three benefits of cross-licensing

  1. These new products obviously will embody the property of both non-dilutive and personalized. Such doodle products will never undermine the initial holders and, in fact, operated within their explicit permission while creating some sort of revenue stream. Doodles are intended to grant holders the power and flexibility to use their doodles to launch their own products.
  2. Plus, Doodles art style is one of the most inclusive in the space. The artwork can resonate with all gender and races. They also provide unique editions such as coffees, flowers, apes, aliens, and many more, opening the gate for numerous products such as coffee beans, flowers, toys, clothes, and anything you name it. 
  3. For starting a new business, every owner worries about the most is exposure and traffic. Doodles have already built the brand for you to save your time and resources while making you only focus on production and begin to see profit much faster.

What might happen?

As Poopie mentions, space doodles will help you earn “extended licensing NFTs” as rewards to holders, which gives holders the ability to commercialize their doodles in doodles’ future experience. 


Doodles’ role 

The job for Doodles is being the backbone supporting their collectors to help them create the demand for their products.

As Poopie said,

“We (will) bring in mainstream users, and we sell them derivatives that are officially licensed of your doodle and it's up to us to cap its circulation its quantity its scarcity its design. For you as collectors, you have something that's tangible that you've earned through being a doodle collector.”

Thus, we might interpret that Doodles, in the future, will become a marketplace for their holders, bringing in attention while helping holders to present their products in the best form.

Branding globally

By supporting their holders and ensuring their successful product launch in the future, one thing Doodles does now is building the brand and get exposure. 

Here is an example:

The recent SXSW is a perfect move for people to land their eyes on Doodles. Even Chinese National television has reported Doodles.

As Evan, the other co-founder of Doodles, mentioned during the fireside chat, Doodles does have a plan to grow internationally. In the future, Doodles will put more effort into scaling their brand outside the US and setting the foundation for their collectors to take on any creative route with their NFTs. 

The sky is the limit

Enough said, full of creative minds and talented engineers, Doodles decide to become the pioneers in the space to explore the unprecedented possibilities for their holders while taking NFTs to the next level. In this case, really, the sky is the limit and we will see where this journey can take us.

Last but not least, I love doodles!

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