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Bringing Dead Philosophers to Life 2.0 (Individuality)

"One must have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star" (Z Pro.5).  Nichestche’s view on individuality appears fascinating as it emphasizes the necessity for the state of “chaos in oneself,” a condition when one rejects outside influence and cultivates their multiplicity. Although listening to one’s inner will is crucial, we can not remain in solitude completely as we learn our language and culture from interacting with others. Since one can never be certain when to behave independently, we often experience a continual dance back and forth between connectedness with others and separation. Such entanglement fosters our growth and helps us better understand ourselves.

Bringing Dead Philosophers to Life (Stoicism)

“Do not seek to have events happen as you want them to, but instead want them to happen as they do happen, and your life will go well” (8). This quote from Epictetus highlights stoicism’s core notion that people ought to succumb to reality by setting their desire in line with the way the external world is. When first reading Epictetus, I resonated with stoicism’s overall ideology but to a certain extent, since it devalues human emotions and love for possessions. However, after giving it more reads and reflecting on my previous experience as a retail NFT trader, I agreed with nearly all of Epictetus’ views, even those I previously considered flawed. Detaching emotions while setting a desire to align with real-life helps one become more objective and avoid irrational behaviors.
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Individualism and uniformity

The continual dance between individualism and uniformity has been a fascinating topic to me. The such phenomenon exists in every walks of life and we need to make choices on when to embrace our personality and when to conform with others. Seeing Emre's post talking about the importance of individualism in job search reminds me of my job search journey last year. 

Community and Institution

I found the discussions around institutions and communities fascinating.

Thoughts on Diplo's Music NFT and position of the Middleman Royal

My plus one from Doodles SXSW updated me that Diplo is going to launch music NFT for his new song ‘Don’t Forget My Love’, and the NFT holders can get streaming royalties from this new single. 

Doodles’ vision on Cross-Licensing Explained

Disclaimer: This is an attempt on explaining Doodles’ vision of Cross-licensing. The below information is solely subject to my own interpretations and I am open to all kinds of comments/advice to adjust my understanding.

You only lose when you realize your loss or do you?

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My take on GameFi

In March 2020, during the pandemic, the school was shut down and I was back home in China taking classes online. Due to social distancing and reduced commitments, I purchased a switch with the game Pokemon Sword, and I completed the game within three days. Later, I gave the switch along with the game to my friend to help him pass time and started immersing myself in a MOBA game called “Honor of Kings”. Every day, I would set a time and have group calls with some friends to meet each other in the Kings Canyon and spent hours fighting for victory. At the end of the semester in May, I reached the highest rank in that game, and my friend with my Pokemon game became the top one thousand trainers in the world.

What is NFT?

Disclaimer: I am still leaner in this industry. The concepts and articles I produced are based on my own understanding and should not be viewed as any sort of financial advice.