July 29th, 2022

ImPower Salon is a topic-focused and open Twitter Space where we invite these Web3 angels to discuss anything and everything Web3.

ImPower is a new initiative by Impossible Finance that aims to create a community of Web 3.0 angels to help empower builders navigating the space. With their diversified backgrounds and unique strengths, these angels can value add to builders by providing expertise in various verticals from marketing, business model planning, tokenomics to team building, fundraising, networking, and so on.

Meet the Panelists

KC — Hooga Gaming

February 21st, 2022

By mcsauceth and 0xSong from Impossible Research

The rise of play-to-earn in recent months can be attributed to a variety of factors, with play-to-earn guilds often being at the forefront, as they provide invaluable benefits to play-to-earn games looking to gain increased mindshare within the space. Either in the form of boosting daily active users from scholarships, social media marketing, or direct financial investments, guilds are a crucial cog and component for success within the machine which is play-to-earn.

Play-to-Earn guilds have seen massive success within their gaming operations, as their ability to scale within Axie Infinity and other play-to-earn games continue to increase, allowing them to accumulate monetary assets for reinvestment and expansion. However, with success comes competition, and this can be seen within the increase in the number of play-to-earn guilds forming within the play-to-earn space. With this in mind, Impossible Finance aims to educate its community and provide the necessary knowledge of the play-to-earn guild space and its respective offerings. In this report, we analyze in detail eight different play-to-earn guilds, comparing both their quantitative and qualitative aspects as well as an investment thesis.

We were able to reach out to 15 different play-to-earn guilds and have compiled this report based on the availability of data both compiled and provided to the Impossible Research team. We are happy to update this if we are excluding any play-to-earn guilds or games that would like to be included within future reports. All data was gathered and compiled by the 8th of February 2022 and therefore does not reflect the changes implemented by Axie Infinity within the Season 20 economic balance.

December 14th, 2021

by 0xSong and impossiblehodl from Impossible Research 2021.12.14

With a lot of hacks happening recently, and many of them getting progressively getting more sophisticated, we felt it was necessary to highlight the importance of web3 security measures. After some discussions internally and with the help of our friends and partners, we believe taking the following actions is minimally necessary for everyone living in web3. As such, we're releasing this article which covers quite an array of security measures to make your experience in web3 as smooth as possible.

[This is general generations and what we see as market best practices based on our experience only. You should form your own view based on your circumstances and formulate your own safeguards]

Let's start with some basics:

December 2nd, 2021

by mcsauceth from Impossible Research 2021.12.02

Metaverse lands are becoming an increasingly popular digital asset class for both degen users and investors. Metaverses are the disruptive innovations to what we conventionally use to socialize, connect and earn in the online world. Projects these days are also implementing digital lands to achieve these objectives. Through either providing builds and experiences such as NFT galleries, games and digital events as a means of socializing, or providing increased monetization methods such as the ability to rent land or providing digital advertisements as a means of passive income.

The rapid rise in both the quantity and price of Metaverse lands has taken the cryptocurrency space by storm, and Impossible Finance aims to help educate its community by providing the necessary knowledge of Metaverse lands and its offerings. In this report, we analyze in detail eight different metaverse lands projects, outlining both their quantitative and qualitative aspects for investment consideration. For each project, we’ll analyze how land is being used (Land Utility), the floor marketcap, potential future collaborations, and our investment thesis.

We hope this breakdown of Metaverse lands will provide the necessary information for readers to take their first step into the Metaverse!