Introducing: What's My Name Again?

We’ve talked previously about Ethereum Name Service and how to get started with your own ENS name (original post here). In that post we touched very briefly on the concept of text records and being able to tie information beyond a wallet address to your ENS name. By adding data points like email addresses, avatars, Twitter addresses, etc to an ENS name, we can effectively start crafting what we’ll call an “ENS Profile”.

Because these profiles are stored on-chain, they’re publicly accessible yet fully controlled by you, the owner. We could compare this to Facebook or Twitter profiles, but without the ads, centralized control, and authentication requirements that these platforms require in service of their bottom line. In short, the potential power of ENS Profiles is enormous.

One thing that’s been missing though is the ability to search these profiles. Sure, tools like and exist, but these are focused on managing and purchasing ENS names, respectively. Neither service is intended to help ENS users communicate with one another or use the power of a “profile”.

Meanwhile, we’ve been working hard at The Indexing Company to build out our Indexing as a Service infrastructure. Recognizing the recent adoption of ENS and being long-time supporters ourselves, we decided to tune our indexing service towards ENS. As a result, we’re happy to introduce What’s My Name Again? 🎉

This is a freely available service to search both ENS names and entire ENS Profiles. Some examples:

(hint: searches not starting with a wildcard, *, are much faster!)

Give it a whirl and let us know what you think!

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