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The Indexing Company

The Indexing Company

Paving the road to Data 3.0 one index at a time
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Farcaster Data

Farcaster, a Web3 social protocol, has seen a surge in user engagement since launching Frames. From 3,000 daily users in late January to nearly 370k users today, with daily "casts" jumping from 200,000 to 2.9 million. This impressive growth offers valuable insights into where social media is going.
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Mint to the Future

Mint to the Future: Breathing New Life into NFTs
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Web3 Data is NOT the Problem

Web3 Data is NOT the Problem
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Indexing Chainlink's Price Oracles

Discover the power of Chainlink Price Oracles. Get real-time, accurate crypto pricing data from multiple decentralized sources. Learn more about the Indexing Company's transformation engine and its capabilities. Email us at hello@indexing.co to get !

Introducing: The ENS Profile API

Here at Indexing Co we’ve been spending the holiday season onboarding our first customers and getting our infrastructure into production 🎉 And as a holiday gift for web3 builders, we’re releasing our ENS Profile API to the public. No sign up required, no tracking, and completely free. Seriously!

Introducing: Mirror Mirror

Hot of the presses - we’re happy to present the latest free service from The Indexing Company, Mirror Mirror 🎊

Introducing: What's My Name Again?

We’ve talked previously about Ethereum Name Service and how to get started with your own ENS name (original post here). In that post we touched very briefly on the concept of text records and being able to tie information beyond a wallet address to your ENS name. By adding data points like email addresses, avatars, Twitter addresses, etc to an ENS name, we can effectively start crafting what we’ll call an “ENS Profile”.

Devcon VI and the State of EVM Data

By all measures, Devcon VI was a huge success. Over 6000 participants from around the world met in Bogota, Colombia to build, network, and celebrate together in the official Ethereum conference.

Indexing Mirror.xyz

If you read content online you’ve probably at least heard of publishing services like Medium and Substack. These are centralized, web2 companies that make money with views; subscriptions, ads, etc. Thankfully, as we transition into the web3 space we are already seeing some promising alternatives. The largest of these web3 publishers is Mirror.