Introducing: Mirror Mirror

Hot of the presses - we’re happy to present the latest free service from The Indexing Company, Mirror Mirror 🎊

searching the important topics of today
searching the important topics of today

In short, this is a search engine for For those that don’t know, Mirror is a web3 publishing platform akin to Medium in the web2 world. Unlike Medium though, Mirror is merely an interface to help writers put their content out into Data 3.0. That is, everything written on Mirror is ultimately stored on Arweave.

(For those curious, we spoke in more depth on Data 3.0 storage options like Arweave here)

This intentional decentralization of data has important implications:

  1. Writers own their own data - only they can add, modify, and sign their data

  2. Mirror does not control the data - theoretically someone else could come along and build a competitor to Mirror, leveraging the exact same underlying data source

  3. All of the posts from Mirror are publicly available, forever thanks to Arweave

And we at Indexing Co have been able to leverage the 3rd point there to successfully index every Mirror post written - i.e. creating a “mirror” of Mirror if you will 😎 And now that we’ve got a running index of posts (here’s the skinny on how that’s done), we can expose them via an API and ultimately create the simple UI that you see today.

Let us know what you think!

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