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Index Network

Index Network

Discovery Protocol
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Getting Started with Index Network SDK

Index is a discovery protocol that eliminates the need for intermediaries when finding knowledge, products, and like-minded people through direct, composable discovery across the web. By leveraging Web3 and AI, Index offers an open layer for discovery as the first decentralized semantic index. It functions as a composable vector database with a user-centric perspective, enabling interaction with decentralized graphs like Ceramic Network for user-owned knowledge graphs and Farcaster for social discourse.
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Index Network x Ceramic Network: Decentralized AI with Composable Data

Index helps connect people with meaningful information, helping to solve problems that cause current web discovery tools to fall short. Instead of searching the entire internet, reviewing information without proper context, or relying on algorithms heavily influenced by monetization and optimization, Index empowers users to create custom, highly personalized search engines, called indexes.
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Index Network: Discovery Protocol

Finding people living in New York who listen to avant-garde jazz and curious about the semantic web, or discovering the latest events attended by people at the intersection of two communities.