InterSwap is live on Polygon!

InterSwap is pleased to announce the successful integration of Polygon. This marks a significant milestone in terms of a truly global Omnichain future!

A quick run down of InterSwap

InterSwap is an AMM that facilitates swapping of any asset across any chain. It's not a bridge rather an Omnichain Liquidity Layer (or AMM).

It aims to solve problems that come inherent with legacy cross-chain solutions viz. cross-chain bridges, CEXes, intermediary assets/chains, etc. in the forms of financial risks, capital inefficiencies, and sub-optimal user experiences

InterSwap is built natively on Axelar for cross-chain communication capabilities that enables fast, secure, and economical transactions


InterSwap Genesis, the Invite-only testnet is live across 5 chains including Polygon (PoS/Mumbai)

For current InterSwap Genesis users, this Integration will:

  • Allow a 1-click transfer of assets from Polygon to other chains and vice versa

  • Permissionless pool creation in Polygon or in conjunction with other chain assets

  • Single sided (asset) liquidity addition/removal

  • Directly send destination chain assets to the different wallet addresses

Polygon Mumbai on InterSwap Genesis

InterSwap Genesis users can navigate to to experience today itself.

But before that don’t forget to collect your Genesis Access Pass here:

More users will be able to test the application as we open more slots in a phase wise manner in due course of time

Summary of key URLs:

Road ahead:

  • Launching next phases of platform access

  • Adding more chains

  • Product stability and bug fixing

  • Feature additions


This integration gives a huge exposure to ~198M unique addresses and 10K+ dApps native to Polygon.

Users can now seamlessly move assets back & forth depending on their need to experience different protocols across chains. It will ease off their entry barrier to a great extent. It will further enable them to put their capital to better use and generate better yields

dApps, going forward, can quickly integrate InterSwap in different capacities depending upon their use cases that would further enable them to offer to cross-chain features and convenience to their native target audience

This is a win-win value proposition and a small step towards a bigger vision of truly global omnichain future!

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