Introducing Wildfire DAO
Different meta-governance buildings in the infinite garden
Different meta-governance buildings in the infinite garden

A WildFire Approaches

All DAOs need to grow and evolve as the ecosystem expands - and 🔥_🔥 is no different.

That’s why today (at ETHDenver!) we’re excited to announce Wildfire DAO - a collective of web3-natives working across the Ethereum landscape as governance advocates and community stewards.

🔥_🔥 was started by James Waugh, Cooper Turley, Lucas Campbell and Callum Gladstone as a web3 governance DAO over two years ago.

We’ve contributed to some of the most impactful token launches in the Ethereum ecosystem to date - including ENS, Gitcoin and SuperRare. We’ve also worked closely with projects like Aave, Balancer and Rocket Pool as governance stewards, and continue to play a key role in the launch of emerging web3 primitives.

As our work continues to scale, trying to maintain ongoing impact across each project has become unachievable. We not only want to help launch these governance systems, but be active participants in them too.

We can’t do it alone. We need help.

Wildfire is a meta-governance initiative to connect and align community members from across the ecosystem, creating new squads to tackle token design, governance and coordination problems in an open and collaborative manner.

The Wildfire DAO will be a two-part experiment:

  • For the first time, we're expanding 🔥_🔥 beyond its four founding members. This post is an open call for applications for the wider community to join Fire Eyes through Wildfire.
  • We're instantiating four meta-governance categories for FE and Wildfire to engage with.

These four categories will expand and contract as needed.

  • DeFi; Aave, Element, Balancer; One of the most obvious categories for meta-governance. DeFi governance has often become non-reactive to the fast-moving space. We believe this is largely due to coordination failure between participants, as well as a lack of powerful enough incentives.
  • Public Goods; ENS, Gitcoin: After the successful launch of both ENS and Gitcoin DAOs, it’s become clear that Ethereum public goods governance is evolving beyond these individual projects, building a public goods governance category for Wildfire to engage with enables public goods to be governed and coordinated in the continuous way.
  • Creator Economy; SuperRare, BanklessDAO, PleasrDAO: NFTs and social tokens are becoming a cornerstone of culture within Ethereum and digital natives alike, being able to build a governance collective focused on growing and empowering this space is key to Wildfire’s success.
  • Infrastructure & Tooling; Rocket Pool, DAOhaus, Pokt Network; 🔥_🔥 is passionate about maintaining the decentralization and growth of Ethereum. We see infrastructure & tooling as key governance category for Wildfire over the short, medium and long term.

After collecting the top applicants from Wildfire DAO onboarding, each applicant will join one of four squads, one for each category. These squads will work together to contribute to all of the projects & communities inside each category.

In practice, this means the Wildfire DAO will take responsibilities associated with;

  • Connecting with the core teams/contributors on a recurring basis, further strengthening a project's core contributors to their community.
  • Writing proposals to participate in governance through the creation, discussion and execution of projects with core teams.
  • Updates to the wider Wildfire network regarding product updates, governance proposals and general strategy.
  • Participation in community calls and project communications to ensure Wildfire is represented in all communication for a given category.
  • Internal governance to improve the processes used within FE and Wildfire to remain on the bleeding edge of experimentation.
  • Working alongside new projects to empower Wildfire squads to design & participate in the emerging projects.

All of this will culminate into the first multi-project governance collective in the ecosystem, something 🔥_🔥 wants to set as a precedent for the broader community. Governance and participation in these systems cannot stay siloed to individual projects any longer.

Not only does 🔥_🔥 want to encourage and develop a meta-governance collective, we also want to inspire and coordinate other, new governance squads. We’ve seen the beginning of this from a number of groups, but we believe that in order for Ethereum and our community to successfully reshape the world’s economic and governance structures, we will need many more of these squads to emerge and coordinate at scale.

In order to support the creation and sustainability of Wildfire, 🔥_🔥 is setting up the Wildfire Community Fund, with an initial treasury of ~$200k in project tokens. This initial treasury acts as the first step of distributing governance tokens to those most involved, and we expect the initiative fund to grow substantially as Wildfire scales.

What’s next:

We encourage all of the 🔥_🔥 network and wider interested parties to fill out the Wildfire DAO form here and join the discord here.

After a successful human gathering mission, the wildfire collective will be focused on squad building, with each contributor picking their meta-gov category, then meeting and aligning with all other members in that squad.

We hope that the Wildfire Initiative sets a precedent for the entire Ethereum community to take learnings from our journey, see the value in the ‘squad mentality’ and coordinate together to accelerate the development and adoption of Web3.0 at a global scale!

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