Wildfire Season One 🔥_🌳

After the announcement of Wildfire 7 weeks ago at EthDenver, 🔥_🔥 is excited to announce Wildfire Season One, FireDrop and the initial cohort of governance stewards.

We received over 240 applications to join Wildfire, and took 80+ meetings with potential members to help narrow in on what we believe to be the best meta-governance stewards for each category.

This is the first step towards an ecosystem of governance stewards, working together to drive a deeper impact within the most exciting and innovative projects in Ethereum.


We’re excited to share the first reward structure for the initial Wildfire participants – an airdrop of each Wildfire project token (BAL, AAVE, HAUS, ENS, GTC, ROBOT, RARE); broken down between Wildfire Operators (core stewards), Potential Contributors (those that attended the 15 minute intro call) and everyone that filled out the wildfire form (Note: Actual value of each drop will change with changing token prices).

  • Operators: $690
  • Potential Contributor (attended intro call): $420
  • Filled out Wildfire form: $100

This first Wildfire Incentive structure aims to align the entire Wildfire collective with the projects they’ll be governing on day one.

These tokens are being rewarded to everyone who applied to join Wildfire and showed up for their intro call, irregardless of what contribution category they landed in.

The intent is to show that contributing to Wildfire has value, and to reward those who are actively allocating time and effort towards governance.

FireDrop will be distributed in the form of Wildfire Balancer Pool Tokens (BPTs), representing liquidity in the Wildfire Balancer Pool (Shout out to Balancer Protocol for allowing this token magic) then distributed via Astrodrop.

The contract address of the Wildfire Balancer Pool is 0x20facecaa68e9b7c92d2d0ec9136d864df805233

The FireDrop is live now!

For any Wildfire participant that thinks they should qualify for a drop or hasn’t provided an ETH address - please reach out in the Wildfire Discord. *Note claiming will be live until June 1st*

To claim your FireDrop follow this link: Astrodrop Claim & Etherscan Claim

The four projects not included in the FireDrop are Element, Pokt and PleasrDAO, due to not being liquid on ETH mainnet at the time of writing and BANK (Special Bankless Wildfire Airdrop coming 👀).

Wildfire Launch Structure

Wildfire will be structured into three tiers for each meta-gov category:

  • Operator - Key operators and stewards of each circle. Responsible for the overall health and maintenance of the working group and task completion and delegation.
  • Contributor - Contributors to each circle. Involved in a consistent way with each working group and responsible for highlighting new proposals, carrying out specific outcomes for Operators and contributing to the governance/growth of Wildfire.
  • Observer - Passive participants. Aligned with the circle in ethos, waiting for the opportunity to become a contributing member.

Here’s what each category looks like in practice;


Operators will be the owners of the working groups within Wildfire, made up of 3-4 core stewards.

We’re proud to share the Genesis Wildfire squads, responsible for the core outcomes Wildfire is looking to achieve.

Note; this list is still a preliminary list and subject to change depending on each Operator needing to accept their role

Public Goods

Key Projects: Gitcoin, ENS


Key Projects: Rocket Pool, Pokt Network, DAOhaus


Key Projects: Aave, Balancer, Element

Creator Economy

Key Projects: SuperRare, Bankless, MetaFactory, PleasrDAO

Wildfire is working closely with the Orca Protocol team to implement Pods inside of Wildfire
Wildfire is working closely with the Orca Protocol team to implement Pods inside of Wildfire

These operator working groups will be launching with Orca Protocol’s Pods infrastructure to solve two key problems:

  1. Allowing Wildfire Operators to distribute capital through each Pod
  2. Allowing Wildfire Operators to vote using tokens delegated to each Pod

Stay tuned for the Wildfire x Orca announcement coming soon! 


Contributors will be the core skillset and support mechanisms who are looped into core discussions, working sessions and projects as necessary. 

The participation of Contributors is expected to vary. Areas that Contributors are expected to participate in include but are not limited to:

  • Sharing new governance proposals and possible replies
  • Joining working group calls between Wildfire and project leads
  • Attending and taking notes during community calls
  • Funneling engineering, analytics and design talent to Wildfire

All of these skills will be utilized by Wildfire, adding significant resources to consistently deliver the most effective internal operations.


Observers are part of the Wildfire Discord and web3 community, but aren’t actively participating in any working group or ongoing projects.

This is how we hope to build a cohesive community and remain open and welcoming to anyone and everyone interested in governance.  

Once Observers have proven themselves to be value-added contributors, they will have the opportunity to advance to a Second or First degree and start contributing directly as a Wildfire representative.

Wildfire Coordinators

There will be a group of Wildfire Coordinators who are not necessarily focused on any particular working group, rather floating between all of them providing support wherever their domain lies. These coordinators will be responsible for maintaining accountability and progress across Wildfire as a whole, and act as a cohesive layer between groups ensuring that effective communication and collaboration is in place. 

The genesis group of Wildfire Coordinators will be:

Wildfire Season One; Launch Timeline

Wildfire will launch with a season structure, with season one starting over the next few weeks once each working group of operators has been stood up.

By breaking work efforts into seasons means Wildfire can continuously self examine itself and internal strategy.

Season One Goals:

  • Setting up working groups & establishing Wildfire processes 
  • Empowering each working group, meeting project teams, discussing where Wildfire can add value to each project.
  • Community and governance participation in each project
  • Understanding incentives for each working group and Wildfire contributors
  • Adding more projects to Wildfire DAO governance

The end goal for each Wildfire meta-gov working group is to develop into their own self sustainable service DAO.

What’s Next?

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the first chapter of Wildfire.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working directly with Operators and Contributors to share more information around the structure for Season One

As we continue to scale decentralized governance, we look forward to creating a new system which incentivizes those for performing the most crucial work in web3 as a whole.

To stay up with Wildfire, join the Wildfire Discord

Wildfire out! 🔥_🌳

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