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Hey there, my dear reader. This post is going to be short, and more of an update for all of you.

I’ve weighed the pros and cons, and I have decided to dedicate and spend most of my time posting content on Substack. As much as I love Mirror, I can’t grow my readership to the capacity I’d like to on this platform. I’ll still use Mirror for some web3 writing and NFT posts, and it is especially useful for fundraising and writing NFTs.

Mirror has a number of quirks that are both part of the reason why it is so special, and why it is so difficult to engage with audiences. It offers little insight into how exactly people are reading my work, sharing it, and how they are finding it. I’m confident these quirks will be fixed and the platform will be successful in the near future, so I’ll keep this Mirror account partially active. I believe in Mirror, and I know that the future is bright for this platform.

Substack offers better ways to manage content, and is easier to use and post on. The differences between Substack and Mirror have been written about to death. Once cryptocurrency and paying with it has become more mainstream, I could see it being utilized in a fashion that is conducive to success for writers. So many parts of Mirror are fantastic, and just waiting for adoption. I’ll be the first to jump back on the bandwagon full-time once more of the features I deem essential have been fleshed out.

For now, I encourage anyone receiving this to check out my new Substack in the link above. The focus will be the same. Writing on trends in spatial, both technological and cultural. I hope to expand some of the content into a podcast-like format as well.

Thanks, and can’t wait to chat with more of you soon.


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