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Spatial Awareness by Kahris

Spatial Awareness by Kahris

The nearly-dead Mirror blog with musings from kahris.eth. Check out spatialawareness.substack.com for more up-to-date writing.
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Into the Metaverse: An Overview of Adidas' web3 Strategy

Jump into the Metaverse with Adidas: a timeline of activity, intiatives, on-chain analytics,SWOT analysis, and more.
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Just Do It. An Overview of Nike’s web3 Strategy

An overview of Nike's web3 and metaverse strategy with NFT analytics, brand analysis, POS systems, and omnichannel in-store experience in 2022.
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The State of NFT Ticketing Mega Report in 2022

A comprehensive report that details every significant development in NFT ticketing and the ticketing industry in 2022.
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An Overview of Coca-Cola's Entrance Into web3

An overview of Coca-Cola's entrance into web3, diving into analytics, initiatives, and initial reception for the most recent projects.

An Overview of Liquid Death's Entrance Into web3

Liquid Death has an active web3 presence, and the brand has differentiated itself from other traditional bottled water companies with its creative and unconventional marketing. Subverting the notions of marketing and creating an ironic and anti-corporatism brand is what has set Liquid Death apart from its competitors. Eco-activism, environmental sustainability, and promoting alternative culture are three themes consistent with Liquid Death’s style and storytelling.

An Overview of Gucci's Entrance Into web3

an article that summarizes Gucci's entrance into web3, detailing analytics and go-to-market strategies.

The History of Ancient Computers

As we look to the future and think of new ways to make life easier, it is important to understand where these technologies came from. This article will highlight key inventions and moments, some of which are often overlooked.

Airdrops and Marketing 101

Blockchains have exploded in popularity over the past few years, and there are a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts out there who are looking for ways to get more involved in the community. One nifty way to do that is by participating in airdrops, which are essentially free distributions of coins with which you can test new platforms.