K.I.A. HQ at Sandbox: First Community Call

Community-Driven Builds

The second floor of the Koala HQ will be fully decided by the community.

On January 26 2022 12:30 PM EST, The K.I.A. will be hosting a Discord community call to decide on what we will build inside our HQ. See you there!

As we make our move into the metaverse, we want Agents to design the perfect H.Q. We want the Koala H.Q. to be home for all Koala Agents in Sandbox!

Our partners at The Land Vault are ready to build our HQ in The Sandbox metaverse!

The Land Vault will be hosting weekly livestreams on Twitch as they implement the build and direction that the K.I.A. community decides on! (See schedule below)

Build Schedule

Jan 26

  • First Community Call At K.I.A. Discord (12 PM EST)

Feb 4

  • Livestream with Zon from LandVault (12 PM EST).
  • Introducing the community to the project!
  • First round of voting begins

Feb 8

  • First round of voting Ends

Feb 11

  • K.I.A. Second Community Call

Feb 18

  • Livestream with Zon
  • Showcasing the progress since the last round of Voting!
  • Second round of voting begins

Feb 22

  • Second Round of Voting Ends

Feb 25

  • K.I.A. Third Community Call

March 4

  • Livestream with Zon
  • Third Round of Voting Ends

March 8

  • Third Round of Voting ends

March 18

  • Livestream with Zon

  • Final Build Showcase

If you want to see the full calendar, visit the following link

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