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The Official Blog of the Koala Intelligence Agency. Get the latest news and developments from the Agency in our Mirror blog!
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K.I.A to become a decentralized art collection

Due to health and financial reasons, the project will be preparing for the long, long haul. That is, it will become a decentralized collectible.

K.I.A. Website Redesign

The Koala Intelligence Agency website has been rebuilt from the ground up.

The Recruits

Here is a breakdown of the upcoming Recruits mint!
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K.I.A. HQ at Sandbox: First Community Call

The second floor of the Koala HQ will be fully decided by the community.
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The $INTEL on 'The Recruits'

We distributed K.I.A. Ordinances to reward our Early Agents and other eligible agents in our Discord. These crates provided a unique utility to our Koala Agents. They unlocked exclusive traits in the Walla Den and it continues to receive additional disguises over time.