K.I.A to become a decentralized art collection

The K.I.A. is sunsetting its development

Due to health and financial reasons, the project will be preparing for the long, long haul. That is, it will become a decentralized collectible.

A true decentralized project is a pure project without a team or a roadmap. We are focusing on what makes the K.I.A. truly strong, the lovable koalas and the beautiful art.

Examples of pure projects:

  • Cryptoadz

  • Cryptopunks

  • Beelinez

  • and more…

After completing 2 Roadmaps in less than a year, (with the exception of Koala Academy), it’s time to close the chapter on K.I.A.

As a Koala agent, you should not expect anything more from HQ. We are going black.

On August 1 the following will come to effect:

  • All development on K.I.A. and K.I.A.-led projects will halt.
  • The Official K.I.A. Discord will close.
  • All project news will be broadcasted on Twitter.
  • Website reworked to a simpler format.
  • Licensing change of Koala Agents to CC0 Public Domain. All great works belong in public.
  • The K.I.A. Sandbox Plot will be published as soon as possible. Agents will be able to play in the Sandbox metaverse.

With that in mind, I hope this alleviates any expectation or stress for The Agency and its agents.

As a creator, I will always keep Koalas in my heart and mind. And I will always include them in future projects wherever they may fit.

Until then,

Stay Frosty Agents

J3, The Agency, signing off.

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